Bristol is known for its unique music style. A new music group called avOva is from Bristol and makes a mix of slow electronic and indie music. They have a new song called “Indigo” that they made with singer Nalarié. You can listen to it on music streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music.

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“Indigo” is a slow and relaxing song that respects Bristol’s famous music style, which is known for its moody and strong beats. avOva’s music is pleasant and melodic, with a focus on good songwriting and production. They are an electronic group that also uses traditional instruments, combining different styles to create a new sound. Nalarié’s vocals add depth to “Indigo”,  matching the song’s moody atmosphere. The song honors the past while also innovating, marking a new chapter in Bristol’s music scene. avOva is a special music group because they make high-quality music in a new and innovative way. They’re not just copying what others have done, but creating their unique sound that’s both familiar and fresh.

Bristol is a city that creates new and exciting music. avOva is a new group from Bristol, and their song “Indigo” is a new version of the city’s famous sound. They want people to listen and enjoy it.

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