An independent artist, “Anacy”, released a new song, “Delight”, in June 2024. She wrote it and performed it herself. This song shows her talent and deep emotions.


Delight mixes soulful tunes with heartfelt words. It begins with the promise, “Cross my heart and hope to die; it won’t happen again; it’s not forever”, which sets the stage for themes of forgiveness and attractiveness. The lyrics of Anacy represent a battle between good and bad with lines like “He dropped from Eden as a saint in my eyes; I’ve never been a sinner” and “No, it wasn’t my intention to make the angels cry for dancing with the devil in the skies”. The phrase “Come alive, come alive, let your soul be on fire; life’s not worth living with no desires” is a call to pursue your passion and enjoy life. The phrase “Lord have mercy, heaven please forgive, just one night of delight” is the main struggle of the song; it mixes feelings of guilt and desire for forgiveness.

By releasing “Delight,” Anacy could interact directly with the audience and share her artistic point of view without any compromise.

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