William Sanford’s latest opus, “Deep Mollusca,” takes listeners on an immersive sonic journey through the enigmatic depths of the ocean. This eclectic and electronic musician from NW Indiana/Chicago-land proves himself a sonic architect, crafting an album that defies traditional boundaries. Let’s delve into captivating tracks from this profound musical odyssey:

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As the album’s opening chapter, “The Pelagic Plunge” plunges the listener into the abyss, setting the tone for the underwater adventure. Sanford masterfully captures the vastness of the pelagic zone, utilizing ambient sounds and electronic beats to create a sense of spatial enormity. The track acts as a gateway, inviting listeners to join The Faceless Protagonist on a mysterious voyage. In this ethereal composition, Sanford introduces us to the world of whale falls, where the carcass of a whale becomes an ecosystem in its own right. “Legends of the Whale Fall” unfolds as a musical narrative, painting vivid pictures of marine life thriving amidst the remains. The layered instrumentation mirrors the complexity of this underwater ecosystem, creating an immersive auditory experience. Transitioning from the depths to the photic zone, this track explores the haunting beauty of crimson-hued waters. Sanford skillfully uses atmospheric sounds and melodies to convey the eerie atmosphere of this zone where sea angels prey on sea butterflies. The juxtaposition of beauty and brutality is palpable, creating a sonic tableau that engages the senses. Returning to the ocean floor, “Back To Benthic” welcomes listeners to a realm of peculiar creatures engaged in curious rituals. The track’s rhythms mirror the slow crawl along the ocean floor, evoking a sense of mystery and fascination. Sanford’s ability to translate the peculiarities of deep-sea life into musical form shines brightly in this intricate composition.

This track offers a sensory feast with its vibrant title, and Sanford doesn’t disappoint. “Rainbow Lipped, Mother of Pearl” introduces us to hinge-shelled filter feeders, and the music reflects the kaleidoscopic beauty of their rainbow-hued lips. The song weaves a tapestry of colors and sounds, showcasing Sanford’s talent in creating musical landscapes that mirror the wonders of the ocean. “Deep Mollusca” is not just an album; it’s a sonic expedition that transcends conventional genres. William Sanford’s ability to narrate a complex underwater tale through music is nothing short of mesmerizing, making this album a must-listen for those seeking an otherworldly musical experience.

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