Prepare to be enthralled once again as symphonic metal singer Hail prepares to unleash her upcoming masterpiece, “In Time,” on July 28th, 2023. This captivating single serves as the second chapter in a mesmerizing trilogy that delves deep into the realms of grief, love, and loss, each song illuminating a unique facet of the overarching narrative.


Crafted under the guidance of the acclaimed Matt Parisi from Brighton’s renowned Studio Chimp, whose production credits include collaborations with the likes of Kylie Minogue and Chris Martin, “In Time” weaves together a tapestry of soothing melodies and emotionally charged lyrics that strike a resonant chord with listeners. Drawing from personal experiences of heartbreak and sorrow, Hail’s soul-stirring delivery carries a poignant message—a testament to the power of healing and growth even in the darkest of times.

Originating from the vibrant town of Swindon and currently based in the enchanting city of Southampton, Hail’s musical journey has led her through a myriad of genres, but it is within the realm of symphonic metal that she has discovered her true artistic sanctuary. With her debut single “Got the Faith” in 2019 and the subsequent triumph of her 2021 hit “I Can’t Breathe,” Hail has solidified her position as a rising force within the symphonic metal scene.

Beyond the confines of the studio, Hail’s music has struck a resounding chord with audiences across the United Kingdom, gracing the airwaves of esteemed radio stations including BBC Radio Solent, Fiesta FM, and Shellshocked Radio. Garnering praise from online music blogs, Hail has been hailed as “this generation’s Joan Jett,” a testament to her remarkable talent and magnetic presence.

With anticipation reaching a fever pitch for the release of “In Time,” Hail’s latest opus promises an unforgettable experience, beckoning listeners into a realm of profound introspection while offering a glimmer of hope. Through her commanding vocals, evocative lyrics, and an unwavering dedication to her craft, Hail stands poised to make an indelible mark on the world of symphonic metal. Circle the date—July 28th, 2023—and prepare to embark on an extraordinary musical journey.


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Step into the realm of JSDAVANI’s mesmerizing sonic landscapes, where ambient harmonies intertwine with meticulously manipulated found sounds. This collection of tracks serves as a therapeutic journey for both the composer and the listener, blending elements of psychedelia, triphop, ASMR, and downtempo. Each song in this EP builds upon the last, weaving together a story of toxic relationships, where passion and logic wage an internal war. With synthesizers, drum machines, field recordings, and evocative vocals, JSDAVANI masterfully crafts an immersive experience that delves into the conflicted nature of these unhealthy connections.

From the hauntingly beautiful “Asleep in the Elevator” to the ethereal soundscape of “You Can Relax (Crows Can Watch Kids),” JSDAVANI’s music resonates with introspection and contemplation. The carefully curated field recordings and samples add depth and a reflective projection of life, enhancing the overall narrative. Throughout this EP, JSDAVANI takes listeners on a transformative journey, ultimately leaving them in a purgatorial nightmare, awakened by the subtle sound of snoring.

With each track seamlessly flowing into the next, this project showcases the artistry and storytelling prowess of JSDAVANI. The deliberate use of samples and field recordings adds layers of conceptual meaning to the music, while the enigmatic mantra of “OPPORTUNITYISNOWHERE” sparks introspection about one’s perception of existence. Dive into the immersive world of JSDAVANI’s EP and explore the profound depths of sound and emotion.

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Introducing BLISS, the electrifying EP by the talented artist Slectric. This captivating collection seamlessly blends elements of video game sound design, electronic vocal pop, and orchestration, resulting in an immersive musical experience. Through a masterful production style, Slectric crafts songs that are akin to captivating stories, each with its unique atmosphere and emotional journey.


BLISS delves into themes of love, heartbreak, and personal breakthrough, inviting listeners to embark on an electronic odyssey. With dance beats that pulsate through your veins and layers of captivating synths that transport you to otherworldly dimensions, this EP promises an exhilarating and groovy ride.

Slectric’s artistic vision shines through each track, as intricate soundscapes intertwine with catchy melodies, creating a fusion of genres that is both dynamic and engaging. Prepare to lose yourself in the captivating world of BLISS as Slectric takes you on a sonic journey through the realms of emotion and self-discovery.

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