Introducing VISSIA, the talented alt-pop artist hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, who has just unveiled her final music video, “Doorway,” a visual delight that transports viewers into a world of classic Western and sci-fi film inspirations. Released on June 16, 2023, through Hurry Hard Records, this captivating video draws inspiration from vintage cowgirl pinup illustrations, pulp magazine covers, and DIY robot costumes, creating a campy and fun experience perfect for fans of sci-fi fan fiction, cosplay, and comic-con.


The creative minds behind the video, VISSIA and producer Nich Davies, embarked on a journey that fused space and Western elements, igniting their imaginations. Collaborating with Peter Kominek, they brought their vision to life, utilizing a remarkable cave film set and crafting endearing characters like the blue alien Lulei Del, the mysterious woman in black Bianca Diamond, and the enchanting snake woman Ikhozia Salezah.

The entire “Doorway” music video was expertly green-screened, with Kominek handling the background and visual effects, showcasing his remarkable talent. With VISSIA undergoing multiple transformations through effects makeup, the two-day filming session was packed with excitement and dedication to capturing the perfect shots.

VISSIA’s music videos have already garnered over 2 million views, building anticipation for her forthcoming album, Surfacing, set for a global release in January 2024. Fans can also look forward to the live-documentary film and album, Live, With Pleasure, scheduled for release in Fall 2023.

In the “Doorway” music video, viewers are transported to the desert planet of Sirocco, where a vixen vagabond strolls into Lulei Dell’s saloon, rekindling a complicated love story. As the enigmatic woman in black, Bianca Diamond, seeks Lulei’s help in a high-stakes game of Cosmic Hold ’em, their scheme takes an unexpected turn, blurring the lines between right and wrong. Lulei must navigate a treacherous landscape and decide if love is worth the risks that lie ahead.

With critical acclaim for her album With Pleasure, VISSIA captivates listeners with her confident and powerful vocals, accompanied by atmospheric electronic elements and bluesy chord progressions. The album’s opening track, “Doorway,” sets the stage for an epic musical journey, showcasing VISSIA’s remarkable storytelling abilities and leaving an indelible mark on the listener.

VISSIA’s talent has taken her to renowned stages, including c/o Pop in Cologne, the UK’s Great Escape Festival, NXNE, the Edmonton Folk Music Festival, and the Canmore Folk Music Festival. Her fearless approach to songwriting and performing, combined with her ability to capture the essence of everyday life, makes VISSIA an artist worth keeping an eye on as she continues to enchant audiences with her music.


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BEECH LOVE, the talented nineteen-year-old singer, songwriter, and producer hailing from San Francisco, CA, is making waves in the music scene. With a journey that began as a DJ and electronic music producer at the tender age of nine, Beech has now taken center stage, showcasing his captivating vocals and songwriting prowess. Influenced by iconic bands like The Killers, The Black Keys, and Thirty Seconds To Mars, Beech Love combines his passion for 2000s alternative music with his extensive production background, creating a unique and powerful sound.


His latest single, “Pieces,” is a fiery anthem that aims to redefine the modern alternative rock space. Packed with explosive guitars, hard-hitting drums, and dynamic vocals, the track bridges the gap between a “classy” approach and gritty rock energy. Beech Love continues to raise the bar with this release, pushing his music and style to new heights. When asked about the song, Beech Love shared his dedication to constant growth and improvement, stating, “I strive to make each record better than the last, elevating my brand and skills. ‘Pieces’ marks my entrance into the Alternative Rock genre, a significant step in my career. I feel a strong connection with my new sound and look forward to leaving my mark as an alternative/rock artist.”

The single, along with its captivating music video, is available now on all streaming services via LOVE 2 HATE ENTERTAINMENT. Brace yourself for the rising star that is BEECH LOVE and get ready to be captivated by his electrifying music.

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Introducing the cosmic sensation, Emmannuel and the Unlimited Consciousness, a goth indie rocker ready to shake up the music scene! With a background rooted in the depths of the music industry, this newbie artist has embarked on an exhilarating journey, culminating in the release of their own music. From humble beginnings as a stagehand and sound engineer, Emmannuel found their true calling as a keyboardist in indie rock, post-punk, and hip-hop bands. And now, the time has come for their debut single!

Emmannuel and the Unlimited Consciousness

This song has been a long time in the making, penned six years ago, and produced and mixed by none other than Emmannuel themselves. Brace yourselves, because this is just the beginning. With plenty more music on the horizon, Emmannuel and the Unlimited Consciousness are ready to rock your world with their boundless creativity.

So, who exactly is Emmannuel and the Unlimited Consciousness? Well, it’s a one-person powerhouse led by the polymuse Emma Anne Johnson. With a diverse range of experiences, from working with metal band Goblin to collaborating with hip-hop groups in Brooklyn and even building stages for legendary Bob Dylan, Emma Anne’s musical journey has been fueled by these eclectic encounters.

Drawing inspiration from their Detroit roots, growing up on the sounds of Motown, Prince, and The White Stripes, Emmannuel’s music reflects a unique blend of influences that still resonate in their current work.

While Emmannuel and the Unlimited Consciousness may be a fresh name on the scene, Emma Anne Johnson has already made waves in the art world as an installation artist, incorporating immersive lighting and projection elements into their performances. Their live shows transcend the conventional concert experience, engaging all five senses and defying expectations.

The single “Milk” carries a powerful ethos, serving as Emma Anne’s response to the inherent frustrations of capitalism and its impact on themselves and their community. The cover art, depicting Emma Anne in their “working for the man” uniform, challenges the status quo by juxtaposing it with a cascade of musical instruments, symbolizing their resistance to conformity.

Recorded and mixed by Emma Anne, with mastering by Curtis Halle, a talented engineer based in Denver, Colorado, the single encapsulates the vision and passion of Emmannuel and the Unlimited Consciousness.

So, get ready to be swept away by the cosmic sounds and thought-provoking artistry of Emmannuel and the Unlimited Consciousness. Keep an eye out for their upcoming releases as they continue to break boundaries and redefine what it means to create captivating music.


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Introducing Be the Rabbit, a band whose music will whisk you away to a charming barn in Northern Norway where their EP, “Rabbit Love,” was born. led by the creative forces of nature in Northern Norway,  the band has recently unveiled their indie/rock/pop-infused album, ready to captivate audiences far and wide.

Photo Credit; Alexandru Mitu

“Rabbit Love,” released on June 1st, 2023, showcases the collective talents of the band, with Ragnar “Teisten” Teisrud on vocals, Ulrik Struve on electric guitar, Henrik Haukland Våge on electric guitar, Vegar Seljestokken on drums, and Sam Eglund Newby on bass. Based in the vibrant city of Tromsø, Be the Rabbit is eager to connect with Spotify playlist curators and share their captivating tunes.

What sets Be the Rabbit apart is not just their music, but also the unique story behind the EP’s creation. Imagine the band immersing themselves in the rustic ambiance of a barn, surrounded by their furry friends, as they poured their hearts into crafting this musical journey.

Among the tracks on the EP, “Lights” and “Strangers” hold a special place in Teisten’s heart, but the choice is ultimately yours to make. Whether or not Be the Rabbit’s tunes make it onto your playlist, they invite you to immerse yourself in their delightful melodies and let their music transport you to a place of indie magic.

Take a moment to explore “Rabbit Love” and dive into the whimsical world of Be the Rabbit.

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