Introducing James Spencer, a talented folk rock musician hailing from the picturesque landscapes of North Devon, UK. Following the successful launch of his album “Lucky Man” earlier this year, James is set to captivate audiences once again with his latest single, “My Hand & My Heart,”.

James Spencer

This heartfelt folk rock ballad carries a Celtic essence, woven with poignant lyrics, enchanting mandolin melodies, and the delicate harmonies of violin and flute. Inspired by a close friend, the song serves as a heartfelt plea to those battling inner demons, beckoning them back into the light. In the wake of the pandemic and the ensuing mental health challenges, James believes that being there for our loved ones is more vital than ever, and “My Hand & My Heart” beautifully encapsulates this message of unwavering support.

Having recently returned from a successful tour across Belgium and Germany, supporting the pirate folk-punk band JollyRoger, James Spencer has been making waves with his album “Lucky Man.” Now, he is preparing to release his eagerly anticipated single.

With “My Hand & My Heart,” James delivers an emotionally charged folk rock ballad with a touch of Celtic influence. The song resonates with heartfelt lyrics, accompanied by mesmerizing mandolin hooks and graceful interludes of violin and flute. Originally written for a dear friend, the track serves as a powerful plea to those who find themselves lost in their own struggles, urging them to find solace in the light. As soon as the song was crafted, it seamlessly found its place in James’ live performances and quickly became a fan favorite both in his captivating live streams and energetic shows.

The accompanying music video for “My Hand & My Heart” was filmed amidst the breathtaking scenery of North Devon’s enchanting ‘Black Church Rock’ and its surrounding woodlands. Eloise, the friend for whom the song was initially written, takes center stage as the main character, lost within the depths of the woods. The video beautifully captures the essence of the song and adds another layer of visual storytelling to James’ music.

With a busy year ahead, James Spencer is set to make his mark on the music scene. Alongside “My Hand & My Heart,” he has several other singles in the pipeline. “Black Dog,” a foot-stomping anthem reflecting his experiences during the pandemic lockdowns, “Your Ship’s Coming In,” a powerful collaboration with his brother David about chasing dreams relentlessly, and “The Mayflower,” a folk song commemorating the historic journey of the Pilgrim Fathers from Plymouth 402 years ago. In addition to these exciting releases, James has a host of live performances lined up, including gigs with his full band at Gold Coast OceanFest and constant shows with his other project, “Bicycle Repair Man.”

Critics have praised James Spencer’s musical prowess, acknowledging his ability to tell compelling stories through his folk compositions. Reviews have highlighted the purposeful nature of his music, passing down tales, advice, and reflections to the next generation. James’ mature and distinctive style has solidified his place within the genre, earning him recognition and respect.

As an artist who weaves captivating narratives through his music, James Spencer is poised for continued success. With each heartfelt melody and evocative lyric, he leaves an indelible mark on listeners’ hearts, connecting on a profound level. Embrace the winds of change, let James’ music carry you away, and bask in the warmth of his compelling storytelling.

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Emerging from the depths of artistic exploration, The Kiss That Took A Trip, the brainchild of the visionary musician M.D. Trello, returns with their highly anticipated EP, “Hold Music,” captivating music enthusiasts around the globe.

This eagerly awaited musical masterpiece acts as a tantalizing appetizer, offering a glimpse into the magic that awaits in their forthcoming fourth album. Formed in Madrid in 2006, The Kiss That Took A Trip is a remarkable musical project meticulously cultivated by the multitalented M.D. Trello, who single-handedly brings this enchanting world to life. Drawing inspiration from DIY icons like Steve Albini, Trent Reznor, and Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Trello’s creative genius has been brewing in the shadows, waiting for its moment to shine.

The Kiss That Took A Trip

Fueled by an unwavering passion to create a timeless and cohesive musical catalog, The Kiss That Took A Trip aims to break away from the realm of disposable music. This extraordinary project invites listeners to immerse themselves in a personal and profound experience, offering a depth that goes beyond mere entertainment and granting a lasting replay value.

With “Hold Music,” The Kiss That Took A Trip breathes life into their sonic odyssey, blending electronic elements with pop sensibilities across four captivating tracks. Embellished with the signature fuzzy undertones adored by fans, this EP fearlessly pushes the boundaries of musical exploration. Each composition is a mesmerizing fusion, crafted with meticulous care and an ear for infectious melodies that will linger in your mind long after the final note.

The Kiss That Took A Trip’s “Hold Music” serves as a testament to their unwavering dedication to the art of music. This EP showcases the artist’s ability to create an enchanting sonic landscape that transports listeners to another realm. With every note, M.D. Trello unveils a musical universe that is both captivating and timeless, leaving fans yearning for more.

As The Kiss That Took A Trip embarks on this new chapter, the anticipation continues to build among eager fans worldwide. Prepare to be spellbound by the mesmerizing soundscape of “Hold Music” and allow yourself to be swept away on a captivating journey through the ethereal realm of The Kiss That Took A Trip.

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The dynamic trio of Italian DJ and music producer Coke Beats, Russian DJ Pozitiva, and dancehall sensation Richie Loop has unleashed a festival anthem that is set to ignite dance floors worldwide. Their electrifying new track, aptly titled “JET,” merges influences from renowned artists such as Diplo, Skrillex, and DJ Snake, resulting in a pulsating fusion of pop and electronic elements.

Coke Beats, recently signed to Smash The House’s label Generation Smash, is on a relentless mission to conquer the music scene. With a single released every month, he showcases his versatility across various electronic genres, including trance and dance-pop collaborations with notable artists like Ridgewalkers and Electra Lovelle.

DJ Pozitiva, whose real name is Polina, received classical piano education and developed an early passion for music through exposure to MTV. Her journey as a DJ began by curating music collections for school radio stations and discos, eventually leading to a professional career as a club DJ in Novosibirsk, Russia. Polina’s talent and determination propelled her to become a sought-after DJ, performing at renowned bars and clubs across Siberia. Mentored by esteemed musicians and sound engineers, she honed her skills as a producer and cultivated a captivating stage image.

Meanwhile, Richie Loop, an international Dancehall/EDM/POP artist, has garnered recognition in Jamaica and beyond. Known for his smash hit “My Cupp” and collaborations with prominent EDM producers, he has continuously pushed boundaries and expanded his artistic horizons. With notable collaborations with the likes of Hardwell, Tujamo, Salvatore Ganacci, and Willy William, Richie Loop’s work has gained attention from renowned labels such as Dim Mak, Spinnin Records, and Revealed Records.

Together, Coke Beats, DJ Pozitiva, and Richie Loop have crafted “JET,” a high-energy festival anthem designed to captivate audiences. Their collaboration showcases their diverse musical backgrounds and creative chemistry, resulting in an exhilarating sonic experience that will undoubtedly propel listeners to the dancefloor.

As the trio’s reputation continues to soar, their groundbreaking sound is attracting global attention. With each member’s individual talents blending seamlessly, “JET” serves as a testament to their collective artistry and commitment to creating music that transcends borders and genres.


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La Biche effortlessly caresses your ears with her nonchalant voice, blending poetry, spoken word, experimental pop, and chill rhythms. As an artist within the emerging French wave, she unveils her latest intimate and liberating single.

But who is La Biche? Raised in Burgundy, Le Creusot, she was surrounded by music and art from a young age, thanks to her father’s musical background. Beginning her artistic journey with dance and ballet, La Biche soon discovered a passion for composition, utilizing her command of words. As a poet, she always toyed with language alongside her physical movements. Seeking a new way to express herself, La Biche turned to vocals to externalize the emotions surging within her, crafting sensual and casual tracks that exemplify her pressing need to create art.

La Biche

La Biche’s music serves as a cathartic release, featuring poetic and audacious lyrics, a flow inspired by rap rhythms, and a unique musical ambiance infused with controlled nonchalance. Today, she invites listeners on a journey to a different space-time, one of love and vertigo. In her latest song, “Combien,” La Biche masterfully manipulates words and rhythms, straying from conventions and crossing genre boundaries, all in service of evoking emotions.

“Combien” tells a story of exhaustion and the relentless pursuit of a relationship against all odds. It chronicles a tale tainted by vertigo—the overwhelming sensation of freefalling when everything comes to an end, the fear of risks that uproot and strike us head-on. To avoid spoiling it all, La Biche shares the intimate fragments of “Combien,” the remnants of a story that’s been marred.

Should we count the days or recount them? In this track, the narrative reigns supreme. Initially composed in the intimate realm of piano and vocals, the artist adds an evanescent and urban arrangement, reminiscent of a return to nature. This single becomes an outlet for raw emotions, weaving between frank dialogue, potent breaths, and textured layers. While leaving ample space for air and openness, La Biche creates an intimate closeness, enveloping us in a tender yet richly simplistic ballad. It’s a piece marked by inherent duality, simultaneously complex and accessible, reflecting the difficulty of bidding farewell, reaching the climactic point of departure.

La Biche’s music captivates with its raw authenticity, evocative storytelling, and an aesthetic that draws from diverse influences. Through her art, she ventures into uncharted territories, forging her path in the realm of music and captivating audiences with her poetic prowess. With “Combien,” La Biche leaves an indelible imprint, a testament to her ability to navigate the intricacies of emotions and deliver a musical experience that resonates deeply with her listeners.

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