In the latest musical revelation from The Project, the LA rock supergroup delivers a soul-stirring original single, “What’s It Gonna Take,” featuring the exceptional vocals of emerging artist Mykele Hill. The song marks a significant chapter in The Project’s evolving sound, showcasing the band’s versatility and Mykele’s distinct contribution to their sonic landscape. At the age of 23, Mykele Hill embarked on her musical journey, using songwriting as a means of emotional expression during challenging times. Her unique blend of influences, ranging from Taylor Swift and Kacey Musgraves to artists from the 1960s, shapes her optimistic and cathartic approach to music. Mykele’s collaboration with The Project adds a layer of depth and emotion to “What’s It Gonna Take,” making it a standout in the band’s growing discography.

The project

James Davis, the creative force behind The Project, recognized Mykele’s exceptional talent and invited her to bring her vocal prowess to the single. “What’s It Gonna Take” beautifully marries Mykele’s distinctive style with The Project’s dynamic sound, resulting in a track that transcends traditional genre boundaries. As The Project gears up for the release of their upcoming album, “Best Days,” in early 2024, this collaboration sets the stage for what promises to be a remarkable musical journey. The supergroup, led by James Davis, who previously achieved acclaim as the lead guitarist for Shameless, combines classic hard rock and pop rock influences to create a sound that captivates audiences.

The single, “What’s It Gonna Take,” offers a taste of the band’s upcoming album, providing a glimpse into the sonic tapestry The Project is weaving. The opening drum fill immediately grabs attention, paving the way for a musical experience that draws inspiration from iconic rock elements. The vocals echo the raw power of Sabbath, while the guitars weave a sonic atmosphere reminiscent of Smashing Pumpkins. With Rush-style breakdowns and infectious pop hooks, the track showcases The Project’s ability to seamlessly blend diverse influences. As anticipation builds for “Best Days” and additional surprises from The Project, “What’s It Gonna Take” emerges as a compelling anthem of artistic collaboration, pushing boundaries, and creating a resonant connection with listeners. Stay tuned for more from The Project and their upcoming album that promises to be a celebration of the best days in rock.

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