Cambridge-based indie rock duo, Suburban Bicycle Gang, is set to shake up the scene with their upcoming single, “The Council of Rats.” This release, slated as the first in a series of singles for the year, promises an exhilarating dive into the band’s musical evolution. Following the departure of Dave Fox, the band, now comprising Jerry Grey and Eric St-Pierre, maintains its signature blend of catchy melodies and insightful lyrics. Clocking in at a swift 1 minute and 48 seconds, “The Council of Rats” is a lightning-fast burst of raw, unbridled punk energy—a departure from the duo’s usual longer compositions.

Suburban Bicycle Gang

Recorded live off the floor with a single mic, the track captures the essence of an unfiltered performance. Featuring rhythm guitar, lead vocals, and drums, the song maintains a stripped-down, authentic vibe. Minimal overdubs, including backup vocals and bass, further contribute to the track’s punk rock authenticity, underscored by a garage rock aesthetic. The artwork for “The Council of Rats,” skillfully crafted by Eric’s sister, Kayla St-Pierre, adds a personal and visually striking dimension to the release. Beyond its sonic intensity, the song serves as a biting social commentary, exploring themes of self-destruction among parasitic elites attempting to drag others into their downfall.

As a follow-up to their 2023 album “In The Cosmos,” this single signifies Suburban Bicycle Gang’s growth and willingness to push boundaries. With their reputation for high-energy live performances, the duo is poised to captivate listeners and solidify their position as a dynamic force in the Canadian music landscape.

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