Dame Zina, the dynamic father-daughter duo hailing from France, has unveiled their latest sonic gem, “EAU.” Following the enchanting themes of magic and feminism explored in their third album, “Fairytales,” this single, released in January, takes listeners on a profound journey into the intricacies of human emotions. Accompanied by a visually captivating music video that cleverly encapsulates the essence of “EAU,” meaning “water” in French, the song transcends mere auditory delight. With an introspective lens, Dame Zina delves into the more personal and intimate realms of their inner thoughts and secret gardens.

Dame Zina

Remaining faithful to their signature electro-rock style, Dame Zina has garnered comparisons to musical luminaries like Portishead for their intimate vibe, Bjork’s artpop finesse, the eccentricity reminiscent of Rita Mitsouko, and the ethereal qualities akin to Kate Bush’s high-pitched artistry. What emerges is a unique blend of electro, artpop, synthpop, experimental, and industrial rock. The daughter, Dame Zina, lends her evocative vocals and insightful songwriting to the track, while her father, Y, proves his mettle as a versatile artist, handling composition, instrumentation, and production duties. “EAU” stands out not just for its sonic aesthetics but also for its thematic depth. The song goes beyond language barriers, seamlessly weaving between English and French to address profound subjects like feminism, freedom, and the intricate tapestry of emotions. Having made their mark with a debut album in 2020 and a prolific 2022 featuring numerous pop, rock, and electronica singles and EPs, as well as impactful videos, Dame Zina continued their momentum into 2023 with a second album featuring original songs and remixes.

In “EAU,” Dame Zina invites listeners to immerse themselves in a sonic experience that transcends boundaries, offering a musical tapestry that resonates on both an emotional and contemplative level. This single serves as a testament to Dame Zina’s artistic evolution and their ability to craft not just songs but profound, emotive experiences. Dive into the introspective world of “EAU” and let Dame Zina’s musical alchemy wash over you.

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