Simon Andersson, the multifaceted artist hailing from Malmö, Sweden, has returned with his latest musical offering, the captivating single “Try.” Simon’s music transcends genre boundaries, combining the punchy energy of rock with the infectious melodies of pop. His ability to seamlessly blend these diverse elements creates a unique and refreshing sound that defies expectations.

“Try” exudes a smooth and understated quality, with its lush melodies intertwining with uplifting lyrics. Simon’s vocals, coupled with the stunning artwork image, evoke a sense of hope and motivation, delivering a powerful and positive message. Life can be filled with challenges, and it’s during those moments when our struggles feel insurmountable that we must simply try.

Sonically, “Try” showcases Simon’s exceptional musical vision and meticulous attention to detail. The production is grandiose and immersive, with a warm mix that allows each instrument to find its place while allowing Simon’s vocals to shine brightly. The song’s intro, characterized by the dreamy sound of the piano, sets a serene tone that beautifully contrasts with the dynamic and rocking choruses, where the guitars take center stage. Simon’s vocals effortlessly navigate the track’s emotional spectrum, displaying a captivating range that perfectly complements the music.

Clocking in at a concise 3 minutes and 30 seconds, “Try” is a captivating journey that appeals to both pop and rock enthusiasts alike. Fans of artists such as Francis Moon, The Fray, Coldplay, and Lewis Capaldi will find themselves enchanted by Simon Andersson’s musical prowess. Don’t miss out on this remarkable release from an award-winning artist whose talent knows no bounds.

Simon Andersson’s musical journey began at a young age, capturing national attention with his television appearances and receiving his first award at the tender age of thirteen. After graduating from the prestigious Malmo Music Academy, Simon’s career flourished, leading him to triumph at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood, where he claimed the esteemed title of “Best Song of The Year.” His subsequent achievements include performing on American television, charting on Music Row’s Break-out Chart, and gracing the stage at the CMA Festival.

In 2019, Simon embarked on a new musical exploration, collaborating with various artists and DJs to delve into uncharted territory and discover new sounds. With his solid musical background and instrumental skills, Simon’s musical journey is only just beginning, promising exciting adventures to come. Keep a close eye on this remarkable talent as he continues to make waves in the music industry.


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“Hot Trans Boy” is a trailblazing anthem that celebrates the allure and magnetism of transgender men. This empowering track, brought to life by the dynamic duo BabyXDaddy and featuring the iconic Wet Mess London, is a testament to queer joy and the beauty of self-expression.


BabyXDaddy, comprised of BABY and DADDY, makes a striking debut with their subversive and infectious sound. Inspired by the concept of bubble fighting, they crafted a DIY techno dance hit that pulses with a spicy beat, while Jeanie Crystal’s direction adds a captivating queer lens to the accompanying music video.

Having garnered praise from Iggy Pop and hailed as “Artists of 2020” by The Guardian, BabyXDaddy’s impact is undeniable. Their collaboration with the enigmatic Wet Mess on “Hot Trans Boy” elevates the track, infusing it with provocative artistry and unapologetic expression.

Their performance at Birmingham Pride showcased their electrifying presence, leaving a lasting impression on audiences. Emphasizing the importance of input and output, BabyXDaddy’s music resonates with the essence of their artistic vision.

“Hot Trans Boy” is more than just a song; it’s a celebration of transgender joy and a testament to the power of embracing individuality. BabyXDaddy’s admiration for Wet Mess led to the creation of this tune, forging a connection that celebrates the beauty of trans individuals.

Prepare to be enthralled by the infectious energy and unapologetic spirit of “Hot Trans Boy.” BabyXDaddy’s mission to spread joy and acceptance through their music shines brightly, offering a powerful voice in the industry. Keep a close watch on their upcoming projects as they continue to make waves with their unique sound.


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‘Part Time Love’ signifies a remarkable resurgence in John’s career after a vocal injury forced him to step back from full-time music in 2016. Taking the time to rediscover his voice, redefine his musical approach, and craft heartfelt songs, John Taglieri’s previous single, ‘Talking To Myself Out Loud,’ soared to #1 on New Visions Radio for three consecutive weeks in 2021, affirming his enduring connection with listeners.

John Taglieri

Now, ‘Part Time Love’ follows as a testament to his artistic evolution, with the poignant line “All The Weight Falls To The Ground. Feels Like My Feet Can Carry Me Now” encapsulating his profound personal journey. John Taglieri has emerged in a new place, fully aware of his identity and the power of his voice. This single marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for him.

The band members accompanying John on this musical voyage include a stellar lineup of talented musicians. From Jeff Rosen and John Taglieri on guitars to Brian Fechino on slide guitar, Steve Cook on bass, Lee Turner on Hammond, piano, harmonium, and synth, and Kenny Aronoff on drums, each member brings their unique expertise to the table.

Collaboratively, they have created a cohesive recording project that transcends genres, drawing influence from country, pop, rock, R&B, and beyond. Although there are no live shows planned for this particular project, the prospect of bringing this exceptional lineup together for a live performance is undeniably enticing.

‘Part Time Love’ was meticulously crafted at Cherrywood Records in Pembroke, MA, under the expert guidance of producer Jeff Rosen. Engineered and mixed by Jeff Rosen himself, the album showcases the immense talent and dedication of everyone involved. From the heartfelt vocals of John Taglieri and backing vocals by Brianna Grace and Harmony Grace Taglieri to the stellar instrumental performances, every element shines through.

This release represents a rebirth, a powerful continuation of John’s journey in rediscovering himself. It is a testament to reinvention and the resilience of the human spirit. As ‘Part Time Love’ takes flight, listeners can expect an inspiring showcase of John Taglieri’s artistry and the infectious joy he brings to his music. Stay tuned as this new chapter unfolds for John Taglieri and his exceptional band.


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Introducing Matthew S. Horner, a pop-punk dad with a deep love for music that runs through his veins. With a collection of tattoos that tell his musical journey, Matthew wholeheartedly embraces his eccentricity. His latest album is a testament to his growth as he navigates the complexities of getting older while still cherishing the timeless music of bands like The Cure. Each note in this album exudes his true essence and unfiltered passion.

Matthew S. Horner

Collaborating closely with producer Adam Buckley in the UK, Matthew poured his soul into every song. Recorded in the comfort of his home studio, this album captures the essence of his creative process.

Drawing inspiration from the energy of pop-punk and the influences of blink-182, AVA, and The Cure, Matthew’s music takes listeners on a sonic adventure. Aptly named “Outta’ Time,” the album intertwines nostalgic synth sounds with personal reflections, representing his journey to the present moment.

Matthew’s music celebrates individuality, encourages embracing the unconventional, and embodies the mantra of “Let’s Get Weird.” It showcases his authentic expression as a pop-punk dad, intertwining his unique experiences with heartfelt emotion. This album invites listeners to join Matthew S. Horner on an immersive musical voyage, where his unapologetic weirdness and genuine passion shine through.

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