George Bolton, a seasoned Techno Music Veteran based in Boston, has been an influential figure in the electronic music scene since 1979. With a rich and diverse background in music, including working at the renowned Cars’ recording studio and collaborating on music videos for VH1 and MTV, Bolton’s talents span beyond just being a musician. As an Art School Graduate, he creates his own cover art and has been involved in various bands, songwriting, and session work.

George Bolton

In his latest project, Bolton takes on multiple roles as a synthesizer player, guitarist, bassist, vocalist, and master of miscellaneous instruments. Influenced by iconic acts like The Orb, Orbital, and William Orbit, Bolton’s music reflects the essence of electronic soundscape pioneers. While he hasn’t played notable gigs or festivals with this project yet, he has released an impressive 11 albums since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bolton’s music embodies an optimistic outlook on the future, presenting a sonic journey that invites listeners to embrace the possibilities. His home studio serves as the creative hub where he records and produces his music, showcasing his technical prowess and artistic vision.

With a touch of humor, Bolton reveals that he always runs his work by his wife before releasing it, adding a personal and relatable touch to his creative process. As George Bolton aptly puts it, “Embrace the Possibilities!” This sentiment captures the spirit of his music, encouraging listeners to explore new sonic realms and open themselves up to the limitless potential of electronic soundscapes.

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Mira Sthira’s Magic is buzzing with excitement as they announce the release of their latest single and YouTube video, ‘Rip Tides,’ set to captivate audiences on Friday, June 30th, 2023. The original version is already available for streaming and on YouTube, while the remix is scheduled for a streaming release on July 19th!

Mira Sthira

‘Rip Tides’ is a powerful piece of mind and heart survival Indietronica, designed to guide you through the chilling darkness. Immerse yourself in the dynamic and luminous soundscape of ‘Rip Tides,’ an indietronica EDM composition that gradually envelopes you in its dark and mysterious atmosphere.

The song delves into the realm of “the shadow” and the “emotional ocean.” It lyrically portrays the experience of being pulled by rip tides into the depths of an ocean, fearfully descending alongside sharks, all in search of something profound that lies at the ocean’s floor. Enjoy this distinctive indie EDM composition, infused with psy-trance influences that facilitate an underwater journey. This release sets the stage for an upcoming album centered around the theme of shadow work, where Mira Sthira’s strength emerges from the depths like an ocean.

Mira Sthira, an independent artist, manages her own label. Known for her quirky alt-pop style, she embraces her inner child and embraces a harmonious connection with nature, often frolicking in the woods and donning animal or pirate costumes.


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From the cozy confines of my small Parisian apartment, I nurtured a grand dream of Nashville. With my trusty guitar and heartfelt songs in tow, I embarked on a journey to the heartland of Tennessee. And oh, how fate smiled upon me. Here I stand, in a studio surrounded by a collective of extraordinary musicians. Jack Lawrence, the bass maestro known for his work with Jack White, The Raconteurs, and The Dead Weather, lends his unparalleled talent. Sean Thompson’s electric guitar prowess electrifies the room, while Dave Racine’s drumming sets the rhythm ablaze. At the helm of it all, Grammy-nominated producer Andrija Tokic, known for his work with Alabama Shakes, weaves his magic.


And now, the culmination of this serendipitous Nashville tale is here—my new EP, aptly titled “Nashville.” Brace yourself for the full sonic experience that captures the essence of my epic journey.

As “Nashville” hits all major platforms, allowing you to immerse yourself in the musical chronicles of my adventures. Let the melodies of “C’est pas la peine,” “I gotta run away,” “We have a song,” “Carina,” and the eponymous “Nashville” transport you to the heart of my captivating musical odyssey.

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