Michael Lyon, the prolific singer-songwriter, unveils his latest musical opus, “The Guy Who Won,” a soul-stirring anthem that traverses the landscape of disillusionment and emerges with a message of hope. The single, released in the aftermath of recent elections, grapples with the frustration stemming from prolonged deception while offering a rallying cry for truth to prevail. As the sole creative force behind the composition, Michael Lyon assumes multiple roles, contributing vocals and playing various instruments, including guitar, piano, keyboards, strings, and percussion. Lyon extends his gratitude to collaborators, including recording engineer Paul Horabin and musical mentor Kit Alderson, highlighting the collaborative spirit that enriches his musical endeavors.

Michael Lyon

Influenced by iconic artists such as The Beatles, Chuck Berry, Cat Stevens, and more, Lyon weaves a narrative that echoes the timeless quality of the singer-songwriter tradition. A subtle homage to historical figures like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln underscores Lyon’s dedication to crafting music with historical and cultural resonance. The song’s inspiration, Lyon reveals, was sparked by the persistent falsehood that emerged post-election. “The Guy Who Won” stands as a testament to Lyon’s commitment to truth and his belief that leaders should inspire through honesty rather than deceit. Recorded at ReadyMix Recording Studios in Van Nuys, California, and co-produced by Paul Horabin, the single emanates a classic yet contemporary sound. Lyon’s distinctive voice, coupled with intricate instrumentation, captures the essence of a bygone era while maintaining relevance in the present.

The artist’s journey, marked by notable experiences such as an encounter with Chuck Berry, reflects Lyon’s daring creativity and passion for pushing musical boundaries. Top Music News has previously recognized Lyon as an “unrivalled artist in the indie folk scene,” drawing parallels to the legendary Bob Dylan and Simon & Garfunkel. “The Guy Who Won” is more than a musical composition; it serves as Lyon’s impassioned plea for a reality anchored in truth and led by individuals committed to transparency and integrity. As the single resonates with audiences, Lyon’s profound quote, “What could be is a day unlike any day yet to be,” encapsulates the transformative power of music and its ability to shape a brighter, more authentic future.

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