CHARLOTTE, NC – Emerging into the music scene with a wave of optimism and sonic brilliance, Onelove, the accomplished DJ, producer, and artist, unveils his inaugural single, “this is what falling in love feels like.” The track is a mesmerizing journey through euphoric house music, seamlessly blending an energetic beat with uplifting melodies. With its versatility, the song becomes the perfect soundtrack for various moments, whether you’re kickstarting your morning, taking a sunny midday stroll, or reflecting on life during a late-night drive.


Onelove’s personal triumph over brain cancer at the age of 11 has infused his artistic mission with a profound sense of purpose—to unite and uplift through music. In “this is what falling in love feels like,” love becomes the focal point, capturing the multifaceted essence of the human experience in the embrace of this powerful emotion. The track unfolds like a musical tapestry, weaving in the highs and lows of a love story. A poetic sample echoes the sentiments, immersing listeners in a whirlwind of passion. The unique structure of the song surprises with unexpected beats and measures, creating a dynamic experience that holds the audience’s attention. Abrupt dips lead to rhythmic and glistening choruses, igniting a dancefloor with infectious energy.

Onelove shares, “I chose this song as my debut single because it paints a picture. I wanted to tell a story without needing lyrics and a vocal lead. It was even more impactful that it’s about love – I try to use my music to encourage others to live with love and see the good in everything.” With lush and soul-stirring instrumentation, “this is what falling in love feels like” invites listeners into the enchanting realm of love. Beyond a mere composition, it offers an immersive journey into the heart’s depths, exploring the myriad emotions that accompany the path of love. Whether celebrating a newfound romance or reminiscing on cherished memories, this captivating track promises not just to strike a chord but to resonate deeply with audiences worldwide, establishing Onelove as a force to be reckoned with in the realm of electronic music.

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