Bristol-based artist Chandra is back in the spotlight, gearing up for the release of his newest single, “I’ll Be There,” set to hit the airwaves on March 1st. Following the success of the critically acclaimed singles “Pretty” and “Smile (No Fox Gibbon),” Chandra continues his musical journey with a powerful and uplifting pop-rock anthem that promises to captivate audiences with its infectious energy and thought-provoking message.


Known for his feel-good, euphoric pop-rock sound, Chandra’s upcoming release, “I’ll Be There,” takes a slightly rockier turn while maintaining the signature DNA that defines his music. The track, destined to be a sing-along sensation, invites listeners to throw their hands in the air and smile, delivering an energetic and vibrant experience. Beyond the catchy hooks and dynamic instrumentation, “I’ll Be There” carries a profound message of empowerment. In a world overwhelmed by global challenges, the song serves as a rallying cry for those who may feel small and insignificant in the face of adversity. Chandra’s lyrics remind us that change begins at home, emphasizing the power of small acts of kindness, friendship, and love. It’s a timely reminder that collectively, through individual actions, we can make a significant impact on the world. Chandra shares his personal journey of grappling with the daunting state of the world and finding solace in the belief that positive change starts with simple, everyday gestures. The artist deliberately infuses the song with unexpected musical surprises, aiming to bring smiles and a sense of joy to listeners while encouraging them to contemplate the small changes they can make to spread happiness.

“I’ll Be There” stands as a significant and resonant addition to his discography. With its vibrant sound, uplifting spirit, and a poignant call to action, this single is poised to become another gem in Chandra’s collection, reinforcing his reputation as an artist who blends musical prowess with a meaningful message.


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