Proklaim, the force behind the scorching new single “PRICE OF LOVE aka 4 THE GAME,” emerges as a bold voice in contemporary hip-hop. Influenced by legends like Biggie, Wu-Tang, and Lauryn Hill, Proklaim delivers a hard-hitting commentary on recent hip-hop news, tackling themes of abuse of power with unapologetic fervor.


Recorded at Pen Pushaz Studios and expertly mixed and mastered at Audio Art Namibia, this single pulses with raw energy and undeniable authenticity. Proklaim’s daily writing and frequent recording sessions attest to his dedication and passion for the craft, evident in every verse and beat. “PRICE OF LOVE aka 4 THE GAME” doesn’t just make waves; it commands attention. From appearances on MTV Base to his relentless pursuit of artistic truth, Proklaim seizes the day with every lyric, urging listeners to confront the realities of the modern hip-hop landscape.

In a world where power dynamics often overshadow artistry, Proklaim stands firm, delivering a message that demands to be heard. With razor-sharp wit and a fearless spirit, he invites audiences to dive into the heart of the matter, challenging the status quo and inspiring action. “PRICE OF LOVE aka 4 THE GAME” isn’t just a song; it’s a manifesto—a call to arms for hip-hop aficionados everywhere. Proklaim’s ethos of seizing the moment echoes throughout, reminding us all to embrace the power of now and make our voices heard.

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