Canadian band Star Persona is making waves with their latest single, “The Beauty Queen,” a powerful tribute to Jenna Talackova. Talackova, a Canadian model, television personality, and beauty pageant titleholder, captured media attention in 2012 when she fought a legal battle for the right to compete in Miss Universe Canada after being initially disqualified due to her transgender identity. Star Persona, led by the talented Claude Malette, takes inspiration from iconic supergroups like Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Queen, and Led Zeppelin. Their music is a fusion of classic rock elements with a contemporary twist.

Star Persona

The band’s journey led them to local bars in the Ottawa area, including the Brass Monkey and the Rainbow, where they honed their craft and showcased their passion for music. One particularly memorable performance took place in front of Geoff Tate, the legendary singer of Queensrÿche, at an open mic event. “The Beauty Queen” started as an instrumental piece before Claude Malette found inspiration in Jenna Talackova’s remarkable story. Her legal battle and subsequent success in the Miss Universe pageant served as a powerful backdrop for the song’s lyrics. The track, recorded at Ottawa Valley Recording Studios by Steve Foley, beautifully encapsulates the journey of a transgender woman and the hurdles she overcame to claim her rightful place on the stage.

Star Persona’s “The Beauty Queen” is not only a testament to their musical prowess but also a touching homage to Jenna Talackova’s resilience and the changing landscape of beauty pageants, where transgender individuals are making their mark. It’s a must-listen for those who appreciate music with a meaningful narrative and a contemporary rock edge.

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Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Paul Bibbins is not just a guitarist and songwriter; he’s a genuine maverick in the world of rock ‘n roll. With decades of experience under his belt, Paul has established himself as a solo artist with a penchant for high-energy, Jimi Hendrix-styled original guitar rock.  Paul Bibbins unveiled a thrilling 4-song EP, “Disenchantment at a Distance.” This collection is a testament to his unwavering commitment to the art of rock ‘n roll, featuring a unique blend of originality and high-octane energy that’s bound to captivate music enthusiasts.

Paul Bibbins

One standout track from the EP is “Bold, Beautiful… and Long Gone!” This song recently underwent a thorough review by Luke Wolk of Radio Guitar One, an online radio guitar network that proudly calls itself ‘the ultimate destination for guitar enthusiasts.’ Wolk’s review of “Bold, Beautiful… and Long Gone!” is nothing short of a ringing endorsement. He eloquently expressed that the track picks up where Jimi Hendrix left off, a bold statement for any musician. The song’s unexpected twists and turns immediately grab the listener’s attention, showcasing Bibbins’ ability to seamlessly navigate a dynamic musical landscape. It’s a masterclass in wholeheartedly embracing the sound and allowing the music to chart its own course, no matter how unexpected the journey may be.

Paul Bibbins, with his new EP “Disenchantment at a Distance,” reminds us of the timeless allure of original rock ‘n roll, with a modern twist. His commitment to his craft is evident in every note, making his music a must-listen for rock enthusiasts looking for something bold, beautiful, and a little long gone.

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According to the Urban Dictionary, there’s no higher level of disrespect than being “Left On Read.” A transcontinental collaboration between Los Angeles’ Love Ghost and Mexico’s Wiplash, “LEFT ON READ” emerges as a thrilling pop-punk anthem that delves into the all-too-relatable feeling of being ignored. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Machine Gun Kelly, All Time Low, and Green Day, this track is set to strike a chord with fans of high-energy rock. Produced by the seasoned Mike Summers, known for his work with Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, and Tech N9ne, “LEFT ON READ” is a musical journey that encapsulates the essence of genuine pop-punk rebellion.

Love Ghost

This isn’t Love Ghost’s first foray into the limelight. The band has garnered critical acclaim with previous single releases, earning praise from prominent publications such as Rolling Stone, American Songwriter, FLAUNT, Alternative Press, Lyrical Lemonade, and Earmilk. Love Ghost even took their sound to Europe, gracing the stage at the Rockpalast festival, which was broadcast throughout Germany.

Their upcoming performance of “LEFT ON READ” at Indie Foro Rocks in Mexico City on October 29th promises to be a memorable event, showcasing Love Ghost’s international reach. With collaborations with artists from around the globe and future projects like “Dopeman” with Ghana Afrobeat artist Camidoh and an entire album with Marilyn Manson’s guitarist and producer, Tim Skold, commissioned by Metropolis Records, Love Ghost’s trajectory shows no sign of slowing down.

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David E Finck takes listeners on a “Gentle Journey” with his latest original single, a musical endeavor featuring the soulful vocals of Catherine Russell, borrowed from the legendary Steely Dan, and the smooth tenor saxophone stylings of Andy Snitzer. Finck, the mastermind behind the music and lyrics, assembles a stellar ensemble of New York studio players, with notable additions like percussionist Lea Mullen, who hails from Manchester, England

David E Finck

The collaboration is a reunion of sorts, as Finck and Mullen previously shared the stage during their tour with the iconic George Michael. The chemistry among the band members is palpable, with Tony Kadleck on trumpet, Mike Davis on trombone, Bernd Shoenhardt on guitar, Clint de Gannon on drums, and Mullen on percussion. Recorded and mixed in the vibrant musical landscape of New York, “Gentle Journey” transcends borders with Mullen contributing percussion remotely from the UK. The result is a harmonious blend of talent and international flair.


In the words of Finck, “It was great to have Catherine Russell, who is a wonderful singer. She is now touring with Steely Dan. Andy Snitzer plays a great solo. And the sidemen just kill it. Some happy grooving music.” With this release, Finck and his ensemble invite listeners to embark on a musical odyssey that seamlessly weaves together the talents of seasoned musicians for an unforgettable experience.

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