Dive into the intense musical landscape crafted by Rage Toxin with their latest release, “Narcissistic Alibi.” Helmed by the talented Halley Feaster, this solo rock project delivers a visceral experience through heavy textures and razor-sharp lyrics. The song, a poignant anthem for those who have learned life’s lessons the hard way, unapologetically dissects the theme of betrayal.

Rage Toxin

With poignant lines like “You messed me up for a little while, but I don’t feel the shame, ’cause I can smell a narcissistic alibi from miles and miles away,” Halley showcases not only her musical prowess but also a raw emotional honesty. The track serves as a cathartic expression of navigating the aftermath of deceit, resonating with anyone who has questioned the authenticity of a friendship turned sour. Rage Toxin, born as a solo project during the pandemic, finds its voice through Halley Feaster’s exploration of rock identity while producing tracks for a friend’s music library. Drawing inspiration from artists like Royal and the Serpent, Mothica, and Ashnikko, Rage Toxin stands out with its heavy riffs and cutting lyrical content.

Beyond the realm of live gigs, Halley’s impact reaches into television, with some of her rock tracks featured in notable shows such as Real Murders of Atlanta and Calls From the Inside. Recorded and produced in the vibrant music scene of Los Angeles, CA, “Narcissistic Alibi” not only showcases Halley’s songwriting and recording skills but also benefits from the expert touch of her husband, Michael Engesser, who handled the mixing and mastering. In essence, “Narcissistic Alibi” isn’t just a song; it’s a powerful declaration, a musical exorcism of past pains, and an anthem for those navigating the complexities of trust and friendship.

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