Embark on an extraordinary auditory voyage with Guitari (Ari Joshua) as he unveils his latest original single, “Elon’s Musk,” featuring the symphonic sounds of Cory Cavazos and the electronic wizardry of iLL Gates. Released under the moniker Guitari, this track offers a rare and intimate glimpse into Ari Joshua’s prowess in electronic production.


“Elon’s Musk” is a musical marvel that effortlessly melds the realms of synthwave and bass music with an ethereal touch. This almost classically influenced piece features the illustrious iLL Gates, a figure of immense respect in the electronic music realm, renowned not just for his production skills but also for his decade-long role as the head of Producer Dojo. His extensive library includes collaborations with notable artists such as Apashe, Clozee, and Excision, spanning genres from Electro House to IDM/Glitch. Layered with ambient guitars from Ari Joshua and the enchanting cello of Cory Cavazos, “Elon’s Musk” stands as a collaborative masterpiece that transcends the conventional boundaries of music. Drawing parallels to the intricate style of Tipper, the track boasts over 40 sound layers, including live guitars and cellos, crafting a multi-dimensional soundscape that promises a unique and immersive auditory journey.

More than a mere song, “Elon’s Musk” signifies a significant milestone for Ari Joshua, showcasing his evolution as an artist. The track, meticulously mixed by Ari Joshua & iLL Gates, is set to be the first release available in spatial audio, featuring an Atmos Mix by Alex Solano and masterful Surround and Stereo Mastering by Justin Gray. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of sound, including live guitars and cellos, as “Elon’s Musk” invites you to break free from musical confines and experience a boundary-defying sonic adventure.

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