My Life Story, the epic pop pioneers fronted by charismatic singer-songwriter Jake Shillingford, are back with a bang, announcing the release of their new single, ‘I’m A God,’ set to drop on August 30th. This exciting news comes alongside a UK tour scheduled for next year, along with the promise of a brand-new album. The forthcoming tour, which includes two highly-anticipated shows at London’s iconic 100 Club on Oxford Street, marks My Life Story’s return to the capital after a hiatus of over two years. The first of these London gigs, taking place on February 17th, 2024, has already sold out within a day, reflecting the enduring popularity of this legendary band.

My Life Story

Despite its audacious title, ‘I’m A God’ isn’t an egotistical proclamation by Jake Shillingford. Instead, it’s a thought-provoking exploration of our society’s tendency to idolize various figures, some deserving, others not so much. Shillingford’s lyrics juxtapose real and false gods, creating a striking collage of contrasts.

Next year, My Life Story will unveil their fifth studio album on Exilophone Records. Jake Shillingford, along with Nick Evans, has written and produced the record, with mixing duties handled by Ben Hillier, known for his work with Depeche Mode, Blur, and more. The album features recent digital singles ‘Numb Numb Numb’ and ‘Tits & Attitude,’ along with eight fresh tracks, promising a dynamic and captivating listening experience.

My Life Story’s illustrious career began in Southend in 1984, and they became trailblazers of the Britpop movement. Their unique blend of playful lyrics and epic pop arrangements set them apart, and they soon evolved into an extravagant 11-piece ensemble, complete with strings and brass. Signed to Parlophone in 1996, they achieved chart success with hits like ’12 Reasons Why I Love Her’ and ‘Strumpet.’ The band’s remarkable journey included collaborations with music icons like Morrissey, The Pogues, and Marc Almond. They graced major festival stages, headlined over Oasis, and left an indelible mark on the music landscape.  After a hiatus, My Life Story returned in 2016, performing at nostalgia-filled festival shows. Their fan-funded album ‘World Citizen’ released in 2019 earned critical acclaim, reigniting their creative spark. With ‘I’m A God’ and the upcoming album, My Life Story shows no signs of slowing down, promising fans a continuation of their vibrant musical journey.

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Avant-garde industrial band Lolita Terrorist Sounds, based in Berlin, has released a spellbinding live video session as a tantalizing preview of their highly awaited debut album, “St. Lola.” This live performance, filmed within their Berlin studio bunker, is a testament to the band’s extraordinary talent and their penchant for pushing the boundaries of artistry.

Lolita Terrorist Sounds

Maurizio Vitale, the band’s enigmatic leader, delivers a captivating solo performance in this one-man show. Covered in mud and reel tapes, he pours his heart and soul into the music, producing an unforgettable experience. “St. Lola,” the band’s forthcoming debut album set to release on October 20th, is a unique love story, painting a haunting picture of a painful farewell on a desolate Berlin bridge against a gray backdrop. The live video session captures the essence of Lolita Terrorist Sounds’ sonic aesthetic, merging elements of industrial, avant-garde, and experimental music. Vitale’s passionate and emotive vocals, combined with the band’s virtuoso musicianship, create an immersive experience that defies conventional boundaries.

Lolita Terrorist Sounds, with their fearless approach to music, has earned critical acclaim and a devoted global following. Founded by Maurizio Vitale, their name is a provocative blend of Nabokov’s “Lolita” and the challenging perception of “Terrorist.” Vitale’s collaborations span across renowned bands like Einstürzende Neubauten, Swans, Iggy Pop, and more. As they gear up for the release of “St. Lola,” anticipation is building for Lolita Terrorist Sounds’ full-length album, promising to be a groundbreaking addition to the avant-garde music scene.

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Amanda Holley, the exceptionally talented singer, songwriter, and musician hailing from Newark, is set to take you on a soul-stirring and cinematic journey with her latest offering, the “RIDE OR DIE [SHOTGUN]” Official Music Video. Holley’s remarkable five-octave vocal range effortlessly shifts gears as she delivers emotionally charged melodies, lyrics, and vocal arrangements that draw listeners into a captivating world.

Amanda Holley

In this visually arresting live production, shot within their Berlin studio bunker, Amanda Holley and her team present a performance that resonates with the emphatic POP/R&B song’s essence. Bandleader Maurizio Vitale, covered in mud and reel tapes, delivers a powerful solo performance that complements the song’s raw emotions. “RIDE OR DIE,” which also lends its name to Holley’s forthcoming debut album set to release on October 20th, narrates an unconventional love story against the backdrop of a desolate Berlin bridge.

The live video session encapsulates Lolita Terrorist Sounds’ distinctive sound, blending industrial, avant-garde, and experimental elements. Holley’s intense and emotive vocals, combined with masterful musicianship, create an immersive experience that transcends conventional boundaries. Their fearless pursuit of artistic innovation has garnered them critical acclaim and a devoted global fan base.

“RIDE OR DIE” is a standout single from the upcoming “The HolleyGraphic” EP, available worldwide on all major platforms. Holley’s message of unconditional love and resilience shines through in this powerful song, reminding us of the importance of standing by those we care about in our ever-chaotic world.

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