British singer-songwriter James Spencer unveils a tender exploration of the early stages of romance with his latest single, “If.” As part of his ambitious album promotion for ‘Lucky Man,’ Spencer, known for his versatile musical endeavors, delves into the nuances of falling in love, offering a poignant perspective on the reciprocal nature of courtship.

James Spencer

“If” stands out in Spencer’s extensive discography, demonstrating his ability to traverse diverse musical styles. In this particular release, he opts for a gentler sound, creating an emotionally resonant atmosphere that complements the lyrical depth of the track. A noteworthy aspect of “If” is the inclusion of a duet with Abbe Martin from ‘Sound Of The Sirens,’ a female folk duo based in Exeter. The collaborative effort adds a harmonious dimension to the song, enhancing its emotional richness. Beyond the auditory experience, James Spencer extends his artistic reach into the visual realm with an accompanying music video set to release on YouTube on February 14th. Leveraging artificial intelligence, the video unfolds as a vibrant fairy tale romance, providing a captivating visual narrative to complement the evocative nature of the song.

Amidst a busy year of touring Europe and participating in various musical projects, Spencer remains dedicated to consistently releasing music throughout 2024. With seven songs scheduled for release in the coming year, he endeavors to expand his audience and establish himself as a noteworthy presence in the music landscape. “If” serves as a testament to James Spencer’s continued artistic evolution and his commitment to delivering heartfelt and resonant musical expressions.

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