Los Angeles-based artist Morgan Paros, best known as a bandmate of pop sensation Ashe, is making waves with her latest single, “What Love Is.” This silky-meets-sassy pop bop is filled with catchy melodies and boasts a surprising lyrical twist on the final chorus. Produced, mixed, and mastered by the multi-Grammy award-winning team behind Harry Styles’ “Harry’s House” (Jeremy Hatcher, Matt Wolach, Randy Merrill), “What Love Is” offers a fresh take on pop music. With EP artwork by Coldplay’s photographer Anna Lee,  Morgan Paros is pulling out all the stops for this release.

Morgan Paros

In “What Love Is,” Morgan Paros explores the complexities of love and relationships in the modern world. The song challenges society’s unrealistic ideals of romance and encourages listeners to choose themselves and their own path to love. Morgan Paros, the talented artist behind, is no stranger to the music scene. She’s spent the last decade touring as a multi-instrumentalist with pop artist Ashe and collaborating with renowned musicians like Shawn Mendes and Madison Beer.

Morgan Paros’s debut single, “Last Straw,” garnered praise from critics, with Right Chord Music comparing her to indie pop heavyweights Caroline Polachek and Rina Sawayama. With “What Love Is,” Morgan Paros continues to push boundaries, delivering a pop anthem that’s energetic, thoughtful, and irresistibly catchy. This single is just the beginning of Morgan Paros’s solo journey, with more exciting releases on the horizon, including a featured artist release with pop sensation Ella Vos in Fall 2023. “What Love Is” is available for streaming and purchase on all major platforms. Morgan Paros‘s music is a testament to empowerment, self-love, and authenticity, making it a must-listen for anyone seeking a fresh take on modern pop music.

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Dive into a world of musical exploration as Anoush unveils her debut album, “ONE,”. This is an artist you’ll want to feature on your platform, and here’s why. Anoush is not your typical musician. With “ONE,” she breaks free from the confines of musical conventions, blending pop, reggae beats, jazzy vibes, daring lyrics, and experimental fusions. Her versatility and creativity shine through in every track, offering listeners a fresh and exciting musical experience. Critics have already taken notice of Anoush’s unique charm and impact in the music industry. Their praise speaks volumes about her significance as an artist.


But “ONE” is not just about catchy tunes; it’s about depth and meaning. The album delves into personal and societal challenges, love, faith, and transformation. Anoush’s lyrics are thought-provoking, inviting listeners to explore life’s complexities through her music. While Anoush has shown her ability to craft infectious pop hits like “Cherry on Top,” “ONE” takes a more unconventional approach, delivering music that defies expectations and challenges the status quo.

Featuring Anoush’s “ONE” on your platform will introduce your audience to an exceptional artist and enrich their musical journey. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this exciting musical adventure.

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Singer-songwriter Emily Nicole Green, hailing from NYC, is about to make a significant mark on the music scene with her latest single, “Thief,” released on September 8. This track, part of her upcoming debut EP, ‘Outrunning The Animal,’ is a heartfelt Americana ballad that seamlessly weaves in elements of Jazz, Folk, and Pop, creating a timeless and emotionally resonant piece of music.

Emily Nicole Green

“Thief” delves into the pain of abandonment and rejection by someone you love, inviting listeners to confront their own emotional experiences. Green’s lyrics poignantly explore the idea that conflicting emotions can coexist within a person, highlighting the complexities of human emotions. Green’s music journey is a testament to her resilience. After battling debilitating anxiety and panic for nearly two decades, she decided it was time to pursue her passion for music. Her vulnerability and skillful songwriting shine through in every note, leaving a lasting impact on her audience.

‘Outrunning The Animal,’ set to release on October 30, showcases Green’s versatility as she navigates various genres, from pop to country, blues to jazz, and folk. The EP is a musical exploration of grief, rejection, and unrequited love, offering a rich tapestry of emotions and experiences. Emily Nicole Green’s journey is a reminder that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams. Her music invites listeners to embrace the complexities of their own emotions and find solace in the power of music. “As Emily says, ‘At the altar of the ache, you’ll find the light below the wound.'” – Emily Nicole Green, Singer-Songwriter. Don’t miss the release of ‘Outrunning The Animal’ in October 2023, as Emily Nicole Green takes you on an unforgettable musical journey.

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Get ready to dive into the mesmerizing world of Night Far Gone, a Synthwave project that’s set to redefine your music experience. Comprising singer-songwriter Caleb Stuffle and producer-composer Carlos Herrera, this dynamic duo is here to make waves in the music scene.

Night Far Gone

Night Far Gone is not your ordinary Synthwave project. They bring a fusion of electronic beats and the raw power of rock to create a sound that’s both captivating and unique. Drawing inspiration from various electronic sub-genres and the nostalgia of the ’80s, their music promises to transport you to another dimension.

But they’re not just here to make music; they’re here to connect with you. Night Far Gone is on the lookout for opportunities, feedback, and exposure. They want to improve, evolve, and become a sensation in the world of music. So, if you’re a music enthusiast, a playlist curator, or a blogger with a taste for something extraordinary, give Night Far Gone a listen. Your support could be the stepping stone they need to reach the pinnacle of success. Stay tuned for more from Night Far Gone as they embark on their musical journey, ready to captivate your senses with their electrifying tunes.

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