In the tapestry of Michael Louis Austin’s musical journey, ‘Just Enough’ emerges as a poignant thread, weaving together a narrative of self-reflection, resilience, and the triumphs found in life’s modest victories. Crafted in collaboration with Thaddeus Corea, the son of jazz maestro Chick Corea, this second release from Austin’s 12-song collection is more than a song—it’s an anthem for those navigating the intricate dance of self-doubt. As the lead vocalist, Austin’s lyrical prowess shines through, accompanied by his adept acoustic and electric guitar skills. Thaddeus Corea, contributing drums, percussion, bass guitar, and slide guitar, infuses the track with a rhythmic heartbeat that echoes the emotional depth of the lyrics. The additional instrumental touches from David Finch and Tommy Wayne add layers to the melodic landscape, creating a musical journey that resonates with authenticity.

Michael Louis Austin

Recorded at Jaguar Studios in Las Vegas, the production reflects the seamless collaboration between Austin and Corea, resulting in a sonic experience that captures the essence of the song’s theme. ‘Just Enough’ serves as a gentle reminder to silence the inner critic, to pause amidst self-doubt, and to recognize the significance of every small triumph. Austin’s emotive delivery and the rich musical tapestry provide listeners with a space for introspection, a chance to celebrate the small wins that often pave the way for more profound successes. Beyond its musicality, ‘Just Enough’ has become a beacon of inspiration for audiences. As Austin performed the song live, its impact became evident through the requests and heartfelt messages from listeners who found solace and motivation in its lyrics. In a world filled with chaos, Austin’s composition stands as a testament to the transformative power of music, offering not just a song but a narrative that resonates with the human experience.

‘Just Enough’ is a soul-searching ballad that invites listeners to embrace their journeys, cherish the incremental victories, and find solace in the belief that, even in the face of self-doubt, there is ‘just enough’ right around the corner to propel us forward. As Michael Louis Austin continues to unveil his musical opus, this single stands as a luminary chapter—a testament to the enduring spirit within us all.”

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