Boston-based band Underdog has once again set the stage ablaze with their latest sonic odyssey, “Trans Global Amnesia,” a 12-track powerhouse released on the eve of the New Year. Following the success of their 2020 debut album, “Ether Dome,” the band, known for their Supersonic alternative rock, delivers an electrifying experience with a blend of hi-jinx and mayhem. The album kicks off with “You Told Me,” a track that grabs the listener’s attention from the first note. Fueled by Scott Ferguson’s powerful vocals and the dynamic interplay of guitars, it sets the tone for the sonic journey ahead.


“Helsinki Airport Blues” takes the listener on a blues-infused ride, showcasing Bryn Carlson’s lead guitar prowess. The song’s rhythm and groove create a hypnotic atmosphere, making it a standout track that embodies Underdog’s musical diversity. As the title suggests, “Summer Song” injects a dose of sunshine into the album. With its catchy melodies and upbeat tempo, it’s a feel-good anthem that contrasts the darker undertones present in other tracks. “New World Raga” introduces an intriguing fusion of rock and raga influences. The instrumental prowess of the band shines through, creating a sonic landscape that transports the listener to uncharted territories.

“Rocket Baby” blasts off with energy and exuberance. The driving rhythm and infectious hooks make it a standout track that encapsulates the band’s Supersonic sound. It’s a sonic thrill ride that leaves a lasting impact. Shifting gears, “Louie & Marie” explores a more introspective and emotive side of Underdog. The poignant lyrics, combined with melodic arrangements, showcase the band’s ability to convey depth and emotion. Closing the album with “Echo Of A Dream,” Underdog delivers a haunting and atmospheric masterpiece. The song unfolds like a sonic dream, leaving the listener with a sense of contemplation and reflection. “Trans Global Amnesia” not only solidifies Underdog’s position in the alternative rock scene but also showcases their evolution as musicians and storytellers. The seamless blend of diverse influences, masterful instrumentation, and captivating lyrics make this album a must-listen for fans of Supersonic hi-jinx and musical mayhem. As the band looks ahead to a promising year, “Trans Global Amnesia” stands as a testament to Underdog’s unwavering commitment to pushing sonic boundaries.

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