Melbourne-based artist Connie Lansberg unveils her latest musical gem, ‘Seconds and Circles,’ a waltz that transcends the boundaries of conventional jazz. As Australia’s most streamed jazz artist and the innovative force behind Transformational Entertainment™, Lansberg employs jazz as a tool to carve through emotional clutter and deliver genuine works of art. Collaborating with pianist Mark Fitzgibbon, she crafts a musical experience that fearlessly embraces authenticity. In the realm of Lansberg’s music, skill, taste, wisdom, and ingenuity take precedence over fleeting popularity. Her compositions, like ‘Seconds and Circles,’ are a celebration for smart, sophisticated, and adventurous listeners, offering a departure from the pre-digested pop music landscape.

Connie Lansberg

With accessible melodies and heartfelt storytelling, Lansberg models the importance of embracing reality for a fulfilling life. The track, co-written with pianist Mark Fitzgibbon, features the rich bass of Ben Hanlon and the tasteful drumming of Peter Hodges, creating a trio that breathes life into this musical masterpiece. Renowned jazz critic Scott Yanow describes Lansberg as a quietly expressive jazz singer with a beautiful voice, whose original compositions transcend the ordinary storytelling found in today’s music landscape. ‘Seconds and Circles’ stands as a testament to Lansberg’s commitment to soulful expression, devoid of the self-pity pervasive in contemporary pop music.

In Lansberg’s words, ‘To create music other than from your Soul’s truth is to put more garbage into the world.’ Her music, a reflection of shared divinity, beckons to be played daily in every household, regardless of one’s affinity for jazz. ‘Seconds and Circles’ is not just a song; it’s an invitation to experience the authenticity of the human soul through the transformative power of jazz.”

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