The band “For You Brother” is special because they combine different music styles and play with a lot of feeling. The three band members, John, Jean, and Phil, have written music for big companies like Mercedes-Benz and have been featured in many TV shows, movies, and ads around the world. Their first single, “America”,  was very successful.

                                                                        JEAN CARLOS

The band members have been friends since they were kids, and they all love music. They get their inspiration from different bands like Van Halen, Mother’s Finest, Ozzy, Boston, and Jelly Roll. They combine these influences to create their own unique sound, which they perform with a lot of energy. The band puts on very energetic and exciting live shows. Jean and John have performed all over the US, while Jean Carlos has done the same in Brazil. Jean has even won a Grammy award in Brazil, which is a big achievement that adds to the band’s success. The band’s motto is “Play from your heart and let your soul sing”. This means they play music that comes from their feelings and is both honest and skillful. They recorded their music at a place called Dizzleland, USA, and their songs are filled with hope and strength. The themes are especially clear in their song “America”. The band had a great time recording their music, filled with happy moments and creative excitement. They value their friendship and teamwork that brought them together, as expressed in their quote: “It was an honor to work with these guys. They have a great attitude and spirit”.

For You Brother continues to make music that inspires and brings joy to people’s lives. Their music is a symbol of hope, encouraging listeners to find peace and harmony in life’s ups and downs. Their story shows how music can bring people together and convey messages that resonate with everyone. Through their music, they remind us that hope is the most powerful force in life.

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