London-based singer-songwriter Brian Hingerty unveils a visceral and emotionally charged narrative in his latest single, “Storm.” The poignant track, marking Hingerty’s second release, captures the essence of a pivotal moment—the lull at the end of summer when the intoxicating euphoria fades, and the calm before life’s storm sets in. Written in a distinctive tuning, “Storm” stands as a testament to Hingerty’s evolving artistry. The song showcases his exceptional skills, featuring both acoustic and slide guitars, along with soul-stirring vocals that bring depth to the narrative. In this musical endeavor, Hingerty draws inspiration from a diverse spectrum, blending influences from folk and country legends like Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell to the blues mastery of B.B. King and jazz brilliance of Miles Davis.

Brian Hingerty

Recorded in his home studio in London, “Storm” reflects Hingerty’s commitment to a minimalist approach to both production and songwriting. The stripped-down yet intentional choices ensure that the raw authenticity of the composition remains intact, capturing the immediacy and honesty of the artist’s emotions. Collaborating with Sol Boyd-Stevenson, who previously worked on Hingerty’s debut EP “Bombs,” the duo creates a sonic landscape that resonates with listeners on a profound level. The single not only encapsulates the atmospheric shift at the end of summer but also serves as a reflection of personal growth and creative evolution for Hingerty.

In his own words, Hingerty expresses, “Storm is the most honest thing I’ve made, and therefore I believe it is the best thing I’ve made.” With its emotional intensity and genuine storytelling, “Storm” invites audiences to connect with the artist on a deeply personal level, making it a standout release in Hingerty’s evolving discography.

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