In a groundbreaking debut, CATDADDY, an enigmatic duo with an insatiable love for all things Funk music, emerges onto the music scene with their highly-anticipated single, “Disco Love,” set to release on June 25, 2023. Aidan Paul and Leonardo Bacan, the masterminds behind CATDADDY, are set to unveil their wildly groovy and delightfully eccentric “CATDADDY EP” later this year, promising an unforgettable fusion of retro vibes and contemporary allure.


Drawing inspiration from the electronic pop-funk stylings of Daft Punk, the infectious and captivating structures of Parcels, and the soulful disco essence reminiscent of Hall & Oates, CATDADDY embarks on a mission to captivate both new listeners and seasoned music enthusiasts alike.

Recorded in Sweden under the meticulous production of Amir Aly (known for his work with Jill Johnson, Elena Paparizou, and Danny Saucedo) and featuring captivating horn arrangements by Mattias Bylund (notable for his collaborations with Justin Timberlake), “Disco Love” exudes warmth and irresistible charm. With compelling vocals and a sound that leaves you craving more, this standout track effortlessly embraces an urban and dance-driven funkiness, with hard syncopated bass lines and intricate rhythmic counterplay. The iconic horn section guides listeners into the heart of the discotheque, while the infectious repetition of the catchy chorus amplifies the song’s power, creating an irresistible uptempo jam that culminates in an undeniable groove.

For immediate release, CATDADDY bursts onto the scene, poised to redefine the boundaries of funk music with their extraordinary blend of contemporary and retro influences. As the world eagerly awaits the release of “Disco Love,” Aidan Paul and Leonardo Bacan invite listeners to embark on an exhilarating musical journey that celebrates the essence of funk, enthralling audiences with their unparalleled creativity and infectious energy.

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“Someone Who Loves Me” is a tantalizing blend of 70s Power Pop and 90s Indie Rock, destined to be a favorite among indie rock enthusiasts searching for solace. CENTRIFUGE delivers dramatic vocals layered over clean guitars, complemented by a growling bass and thunderous drums. The song is further enriched by a sentimental string arrangement and an infectious singalong chorus that resonates with yearning.


The storyline appears to follow a classic love triangle, where one person is in love with their best friend, who, in turn, is infatuated with a third individual seemingly capable of enchanting hearts. However, is this truly a traditional love triangle, or does it possess an entirely different dynamic? Could this mysterious third person be a figment of imagination, a mechanism for self-preservation? Perhaps it is a subtle falsehood, a shield preventing the protagonist from acknowledging their worthiness of love and affection. The answer remains uncertain—a captivating “maybe.”

“Someone Who Loves Me” serves as the lead single from CENTRIFUGE’s upcoming EP, titled “Daydreams & Breakdowns,” slated for release in October 2023. The track will be digitally available on all streaming platforms from June 23, 2023. To complement the release, CENTRIFUGE has planned an array of promotional activities, including Instagram and Facebook ad campaigns, surprise acoustic performances in public, and alternative versions of the song during the initial weeks. Additionally, a lyrics video will debut on June 30, 2023, followed by an alternative video on YouTube two weeks later, both extensively promoted across social media channels. CENTRIFUGE aims to secure features on blogs and radio stations to amplify their presence.

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Garland Kelley, the accomplished rock artist and music producer based in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, is gearing up to release his latest single, “Give It All Away,” on June 16th, 2023. This eagerly anticipated track tackles the themes of materialism and overconsumption head-on, showcasing Garland’s distinct artistry and setting him apart as a true original. The production quality of “Give It All Away” is nothing short of remarkable, striking a delicate balance between ambitious scope and the timeless essence that defines rock music. The result is a captivating sonic experience that seamlessly marries precision and raw emotion, giving listeners a taste of Garland’s exceptional musicianship and dynamic performance skills.

Garland Kelley

With his poignant lyricism, Garland weaves a vivid tapestry of imagery, inviting audiences on a profound journey through his thought-provoking sonic landscape. The genre-defying arrangement effortlessly intrigues and engages listeners, while Garland’s expressive vocal melodies serve as a powerful conduit for the song’s profound message. Fans of legendary rock acts such as The Black Keys, Led Zeppelin, Soundgarden, Incubus, Muse, Royal Blood, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Queens Of The Stone Age will find “Give It All Away” to be a refreshing and exhilarating discovery.

Garland Kelley, a respected figure within Nashville’s vibrant live music scene, now sets his sights on establishing himself as a renowned original artist. With a steady stream of new music and electrifying performances on the horizon, Garland is poised to become a mainstay in the modern rock world.

As an alternative rock artist and accomplished music producer, Garland Kelley’s captivating and edgy sound explores profound themes such as mortality, individualism, mental health, and philosophy. While influenced by classic and alternative rock, Garland’s distinctive voice and progressive perspective ensure that his musical style remains wholly his own. For more information about Garland Kelley and his captivating musical journey, be sure to visit his official website and follow him on various social media platforms for the latest updates and announcements.

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