Feel the pulse and surrender to the rhythm with Michael Little’s latest release, “Operate.” This electrifying dance anthem is more than just a song; it’s a sonic journey that invites listeners to immerse themselves in the euphoric celebration of movement. Hailing from Houston, Texas, Michael Little stands as the sole force behind this pulsating track, delivering an infectious blend of beats that transcends the ordinary.

Michael Little

“Operate” beckons you to let loose and dominate the dance floor, offering a soundtrack that goes beyond mere music. Little’s ability to infuse passion into every note creates an experience that resonates with the soul, making this single the perfect anthem for a vibrant summer. Influenced by the dynamic sounds of Hip Hop and R&B, Michael Little’s musical prowess takes center stage in “Operate.” The single was crafted at Magik Studios in Houston, Texas, capturing the essence of its production and adding another layer to its vibrant energy.

Beyond the beats, Michael Little is not just a solo artist; he’s a visionary producer set to launch upcoming talents into the spotlight. This single, however, shines a spotlight on his ability to create an atmosphere where the dance floor becomes a canvas for self-expression and liberation. Described as the “Originator of New Urban Soul,” Michael Little introduces a new chapter in his musical journey with “Operate.” The single isn’t just an invitation to dance; it’s a declaration of unapologetic energy, an anthem that urges you to roll with the rhythm or get rolled over. As you surrender to the allure of “Operate,” let the music take control, and revel in a dance experience that transcends the ordinary.

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