Prepare to be transported into the pulsating realms of EDM with the groundbreaking collaboration of Gary Dranow from The Manic Emotions, Chris Zoupa of Teramaze, and producer Louis Dupont, collectively known as Astralix. Their inaugural venture into the EDM landscape, “The Rhythm Fills My Soul,” promises to be a seismic departure from their well-established hits like “Destiny Road” and “Never Give Up.” Spanning continents and uniting musical minds, this trio’s story unfolded organically, with Dranow’s initial discovery of Zoupa leading to a fruitful partnership that culminated in co-writing nearly thirty songs. As their joint musical odyssey traverses blues, alternative, and hard rock, their current exploration into EDM is set to redefine their artistic horizons.


Influenced by EDM luminaries such as Tiesto, Marshmello, and Avicii, Astralix’s debut single emerges as a celebration of youth, exuberance, and the infectious joy of dance. “The Rhythm Fills My Soul” beckons listeners with a magnetic rhythm that captures the essence of carefree nights, pulsating lights, and the promise of an unforgettable party.

A surprising deviation from their rock-centric roots, the trio found inspiration in the rhythmic cadence of EDM. Dranow, reflecting on this shift, notes, “I started learning how to DJ, and I found that most EDM songs follow a similar format. Chris loved the idea of making music far from our wheelhouse, and ‘The Rhythm Fills My Soul’ is just the beginning.” Featuring the soulful vocals of Malena, the single sets the tone for Astralix’s upcoming EDM album, offering a tantalizing glimpse into a sonic journey that defies expectations. As Astralix makes its debut on Musosoup, their innovative approach to the genre leaves audiences eagerly anticipating the surprises this collaborative force has in store. Brace yourself for a musical expedition into uncharted territories as Astralix prepares to make an indelible mark on the EDM scene.

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