Totnes-based post-rock/post-punk virtuosos Abrasive Trees are treating fans to a mesmerizing visual and auditory experience with their latest release, ‘Mill Session.’ This 20-minute cinematic journey, set against the backdrop of an ancient Totnes mill, not only introduces two previously unreleased tracks, ‘Star Sapphire’ and ‘Tao To Earth,’ but also features a live rendition of the acclaimed ‘Kali Sends Sunflowers.’ Seamlessly blended with insightful interviews conducted by music journalist Andy Hill, the film is a testament to the band’s commitment to pushing creative boundaries.

Abrasive Trees

Crafted collaboratively with contributions from members Matthew Rochford and Ben Roberts of the Bella Union project Silver Moth, alongside producer Pete Fletcher, ‘Mill Session’ is a carefully curated sonic and visual spectacle. Visual artist Jess Wooller’s captivating creations thread through the film, offering a visual narrative of Abrasive Trees’ current artistic evolution. The choice of filming in a centuries-old mill adds an ethereal ambiance, providing a unique and atmospheric setting for the sonic journey. What sets ‘Mill Session’ apart is not just its artistic depth but also its origin in crowdfunding. The genuine support from fans worldwide, spanning Scotland, France, Belgium, Germany, and beyond, underscores the universal anticipation for Abrasive Trees’ unique sonic offerings.

Matthew Rochford expressed his thoughts on the project, saying, “We’d aspired to create this film after meeting earlier this year… Somehow it all came together with the right people at the right time and the right place.” As ‘Abrasive Trees: Mill Session’ continues to captivate audiences since its release, it stands as a testament to collaborative artistic endeavors that transcend geographical boundaries, uniting fans through their shared appreciation for the sonic alchemy of Abrasive Trees.

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