Embark on a sonic journey of rebellion as SIR-VERE unleashes their dynamic single “Legion” on January 12th, foreshadowing a year of musical prowess. This release is a precursor to the re-issue of the “Lovescope” album, slated for January 26th under the prestigious Worldsound / Virgin Music Group label. “Legion” emerges as a riveting piece of oratory, challenging established power structures and serving as a dual-edged reminder that true power resides within the masses, not within the confines of governments or military might. Simultaneously, it issues a stark warning to those in authority, compelling introspection about their allegiances and ultimate accountability.


Musically, “Legion” rides a wave of rhythmic momentum, seamlessly weaving tight guitar riffs and electrifying sonics into a streamlined auditory experience. The distinctive voices of the band’s vocalists, Craig Hammond and Ian McEwan, engage in a verbal sparring match, adding layers of depth to the track’s compelling narrative. In true Sir-Vere style, “Legion” comes accompanied by a diverse set of remixes. Dan Konopka, renowned for his Grammy award-winning work with OK GO, offers an alternate version that masterfully distorts the edges of the original. The S-VAS rendition takes on a dub-like quality, emphasizing powerful rhythms and utilizing echo boxes for stunning effects. Remixes by Rise Bailey Rise, Vodzilla, Rory Hoy, and Kid Breaks offer unique perspectives on the track, showcasing its versatility.

“Legion” serves as a tantalizing glimpse into the forthcoming re-issue of the “Lovescope” album, set to captivate audiences on January 26th. SIR-VERE stands poised to reaffirm their status as a musical powerhouse with this highly anticipated release, promising an immersive experience that transcends conventional boundaries.

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