Sarantos, the multi-talented artist from Chicago, has once again delighted his audience with the recent release of “Happy Axxidents,” a soulful single accompanied by an enchanting music video. Composed and produced entirely by Sarantos himself, the song exudes a laid-back, folksy vibe with heartfelt lyrics and soothing melodies.


The captivating music video narrates the journey of healing from heartbreak, illustrating a series of fortuitous events that Sarantos calls “happy accidents.” In essence, “Happy Axxidents” conveys a powerful message of acceptance and moving forward after experiencing heartache. Sarantos encourages us to embrace life’s flow and boundless possibilities, reminding us that everyone faces heartbreak at some point in their journey.

Over the years, Sarantos has achieved remarkable success, amassing over 57 awards and nominations since 2014. His tracks have amassed more than 300K streams on Spotify, and his work has been prominently featured in various media outlets. Notably, he also hosts the esteemed Songwriters Radio Show, reaching a wide audience across multiple platforms.

Apart from his musical endeavors, Sarantos showcases his literary talent by regularly releasing books and poems, all marked by their genuine and organic essence. Beyond his creative pursuits, Sarantos proudly supports various charitable causes, thoughtfully chosen by his devoted fan base.

As “Happy Axxidents” enchants listeners and viewers alike, Sarantos maintains his commitment to regularly share his creative expressions, including new songs, lyric videos, music videos, book chapters, and poems. Each creation provides an intimate glimpse into the artist’s soul, leaving an enduring impact on his growing audience.

Through his artistry and unwavering dedication to spreading positivity, Sarantos continues to leave an indelible mark on the music industry and the hearts of those who resonate with his heartfelt messages.

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Arliston’s latest EP, ‘How in Heaven,’ is an exquisite 5-track journey that seamlessly weaves influences from Big beat to folk. Jack and George, the creative minds behind Arliston, have crafted a true work of art, delivering a collection that’s brimming with captivating melodies and no room for filler. While the duo is renowned for their emotional ballads, this EP surprises with an array of heavy hitters, seductive shuffles, and deep grooves.


The EP’s lead single, “Backwards,” opens with haunting synth lines and delicate piano chords, gradually building up with a subtle drum beat. A masterclass in minimalism, the song’s lyrics touch on the theme of social anxiety, with Jack’s baritone vocals gently drawing listeners into Arliston’s captivating world. As the track progresses, it culminates in a harmonious blend of sax, synths, and guitars, all layered over hypnotic electronic rhythms. Despite its understated nature, “Backwards” has the potential to become a fan favorite, thanks to its enthralling atmosphere that envelops the senses. Jack shares a unique insight into the creative process behind “Backwards,” revealing how the verse and melody flowed effortlessly before the music came together. After a series of unsuccessful attempts at crafting a chorus, the duo was on the verge of shelving the song. However, in a moment of inspiration, the chorus emerged in the final minutes of the recording session, relieving them from the uncertainty.

Independently released on their own label, Sob story records, Arliston has received a warm welcome from both the press and streaming platforms, amassing millions of streams on Spotify alone. ‘How in Heaven’ stands as a truly exceptional project, sure to attract a devoted following, captivated by the duo’s prolific and high-quality output. With an eagerly awaited EP launch show scheduled this August at the esteemed Green Note in Camden, everything seems to be aligning perfectly for Arliston’s upward trajectory.


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Introducing the extraordinary journey of Joshua Martin and the talented rapper, Policarpio, as they present their latest track, “Te Quiero Pa Mi.” This isn’t your ordinary Reggaeton beat; it’s a testimony to passion, vision, and artistic freedom. Originally a cumbia-rock-ska-pop Spanish hit, the song underwent a remarkable transformation when the duo decided to create a Reggaeton remix, infused with Policarpio’s unmatched rap verses.

Joshua Martin

Facing challenges and opposition from their management, Joshua and Policarpio persevered, pouring their hearts into refining and polishing the track. Now, “Te Quiero Pa Mi ft. Policarpio” stands before us as an extraordinary fusion of diverse music styles, pushing the boundaries of Reggaeton.

Joshua Martin’s unique approach to music production, blending real and digital instruments, gives his compositions an authentic and captivating touch. Influenced by 80s new wave, dark wave, pop, reggae, and Latin music, Joshua’s music resonates with a wide audience.

With notable performances and features, including a Latinx showcase and collaborations on a gay-rights campaign, Joshua Martin’s music continues to make waves globally. “Quiero Tenerte Pa Mi” pays homage to Spanish-Rock music from the 80s and 90s, while “The Space In Between Us” delves into the early stages of Joshua’s relationship with his spouse.

Joshua’s music is more than just a song; it’s a transformative experience that invites listeners to close their eyes, listen loud, and embark on a journey through time and emotions. Don’t miss out on “Te Quiero Pa Mi ft. Policarpio” and discover the magic of Joshua Martin’s musical world.


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Vanda is all set to unveil her third single, “fairytale,” part of her upcoming debut album titled “Sober In Another Life.” With each release, she continues to expand her fan base and connect with listeners through raw and genuine tracks, combining pop-forward production with emotionally charged lyrics that strike a chord.


“fairytale” is an emotive ballad, told from the perspective of someone questioning life’s possibilities and wondering if this is the peak of their existence. The song takes the listener on a captivating journey, complemented by live instruments and sweeping cinematic sounds, culminating in a profound emotional experience.

Set against a desert backdrop, “fairytale” serves as a cathartic escape, evoking powerful emotions and prompting introspection. Vanda bares her soul in this epic ballad, exploring the authenticity of her emotions and the pursuit of happiness.

Originally from Chicago but now based in L.A., Vanda is an indie pop/R&B artist, songwriter, and producer. Since her debut in 2019, she has amassed over 1.5 million streams, establishing a growing online presence. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Charlie XCX, Audrey Nuna, Remi Wolf, Sasha Sloan, and Jessie Reyes, Vanda’s music blends various styles, pushing boundaries and resonating with her devoted audience. As the release date, July 21st, approaches, fans eagerly await another emotional rollercoaster from this talented artist.


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