In his latest single, “Maslow’s Mountain,” Sam Feinstein, the accomplished bassist from San Jose, California, takes listeners on a captivating journey through the challenges of self-actualization set against a backdrop of fast-paced synth-rock beats. Following the success of “Hamster Wheel,” this track showcases Feinstein’s ability to seamlessly blend influences from Eurovision and synth-pop bands like The Eurythmics.

Sam Feinstein

“Maslow’s Mountain” serves as a sonic commentary on the demanding quest for fulfillment in a world where meeting basic needs often feels like an uphill climb. The metaphorical exploration of Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy resonates with listeners, addressing the universal struggle to balance survival with the pursuit of higher aspirations. Feinstein’s self-production prowess shines through in the single, allowing the infectious percussion, slick riffs, and a wall of synthesizers to create a colorful and dynamic soundscape. The song’s metaphorical quirks, reminiscent of the garage rock that revitalized indie music, provide a roller coaster of emotions and melodies that are both pleasing to the ear and thought-provoking.

As the bassist for The Monitors, Feinstein’s solo work, including “Maslow’s Mountain” and “Hamster Wheel,” has become an integral part of the trio’s live performances. The symbiotic relationship between his solo endeavors and collaborative projects showcases his versatility and impact on the San Jose music scene. Already garnering attention on global radio shows, “Maslow’s Mountain” stands as a testament to Sam Feinstein’s ability to craft music that not only entertains but also prompts introspection. The synth-rock energy of the track invites listeners to join Feinstein on a musical expedition where the pursuit of self-actualization becomes a rhythmic and resonant experience.

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