Hangover Square, the folktronica duo comprised of Victoria Bourne and Chris Harper, unveils their latest musical masterpiece, “Softest of Silks.” This original single, born from the depths of personal struggles and the embrace of sobriety, is a testament to resilience and creative rebirth. In the wake of confronting the shadows of darkness, including two close friends’ suicides and Victoria’s battle with depression, Hangover Square has crafted a melodic triumph that goes beyond mere notes. “Softest of Silks” is a poignant journey that weaves intricate sonic textures, blending electronica and acoustic sounds with the duo’s signature melancholic romance.

Hangover Square

The track, akin to a musical tapestry, invites listeners into a world where each note carries the weight of profound introspection. The cinematic quality of the composition draws parallels to the atmospheric aesthetics of a Wim Wenders film, enriched by the ethereal influence of Bjork. Bourne and Harper, with their combined decades of musical experience, transcend the limitations of a duo, creating a soundscape that resonates like a 40-piece ensemble. Electronic elements seamlessly intertwine with acoustic instruments, forming an integral part of Hangover Square’s identity.

“Softest of Silks” is more than a song; it’s an emotional journey—a sonic exploration of healing and hope. As the duo prepares to release their second album, “Rewire,” in April 2024, this single offers a glimpse into the profound beauty and sophistication awaiting listeners. The upcoming album reflects on themes of suicide and depression, infusing the essence of hope, love, and mutual care into its lyrics. Hangover Square’s commitment to sobriety becomes a clearer lens through which they approach their craft. Their dedication to intricate details and immersive sonic experiences becomes evident, providing solace and healing not only to themselves but to a wider audience.

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