Maggot House: Reviving Punk’s DIY Spirit

Maggot House is the epitome of low brow, low budget, do-it-yourself punk, and it’s all thanks to the creative genius of Brooklyn-based musician Broose Young. Broose’s passion for The Misfits, The Spits, and 80s horror movies fueled the inception of this project, resulting in a sound that’s as raucous as it is infectious.

Maggot House

In October 2022, Maggot House dropped their debut EP, ‘Creeps Unite,’ featuring four electrifying tracks. They then took their DIY ethos to the next level with an unforgettable 80s high school-themed music video for the jerky lead single, ‘Creepnite.’ It’s a nostalgic trip down memory lane for anyone who grew up loving those cheesy high school flicks. The momentum continued with their March 2023 release, ‘Greetings from Budget Beach,’ a six-song EP paying homage to 80s beach movies where misfits, underdogs, nerds, and punks run wild.The band’s upcoming fall 2023 releases promise even more punk pandemonium. ‘Street Trash,’ inspired by the 1987 cult classic B-film, and ‘Crypt Jerk,’ a gritty narrative of the graveyard shift, are set to drop in September. Plus, they’re cooking up a 10-track EP, ‘How to Talk to Extraterrestrials,’ just in time for Halloween.

Maggot House thrives on delivering a gritty, high-energy punk experience that resonates with fans of old-school punk and cult classics. As Broose Young aptly puts it, “Quit your job, you tool. Your boss sucks. Slobs rule!” So, if you’re looking for a punk revival that embraces its DIY roots, Maggot House is your go-to soundtrack for rebellion and nostalgia.

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The Deadly Beloved: Resurrecting Emotion in Alt-Rock

In the bustling musical landscape of the DFW metroplex, The Deadly Beloved emerges as a force to be reckoned with. The band, featuring Xavier Bernazard, Lauren Samonte, Sinclaire Wade, Victor Granados, and Josh Garrison, has carved a niche for themselves with their explosive, transformative, and emotionally charged alt-rock sound. Their latest single, “HAUNTED,” is a haunting exploration of the past, a lyrical narrative that yearns for bygones to “stay dead,” whether it’s a former lover, an event, or an insurmountable obstacle. The track kicks off with a cinematic, melancholic intro that sets the tone with the words “I wrote a song for your funeral,” accompanied by violin, piano, and emotive vocals, before diving into an eerie alt-rock anthem aptly titled “HAUNTED.”

The Deadly Beloved

The band’s formation took shape as a natural evolution of Xavier Bernazard’s solo project. After Lauren joined Xavi during a tour in October 2022, they decided to morph the solo endeavor into the collective entity known as “The Deadly Beloved.” With Victor and Sinclaire joining shortly after, the group began performing together in January 2023, and their lineup solidified when Josh came on board in August 2023.Drawing inspiration from the likes of Paramore, Evanescence, Willow, and PVRIS, The Deadly Beloved crafts tracks that are deeply meaningful, melodically rich, and refreshingly kick-ass. As one reviewer aptly put it, “They have created tracks that are meaningful, melodically sound, and absolutely kick-ass in a way that I wouldn’t say about the Spotify Top 20 right now” (Nishant Varma).

“HAUNTED” sets the stage for the band’s post-funeral era, a theme they plan to delve into further in their upcoming EP. Ghostly imagery and a yearning for closure weave together in this emotionally charged single, serving as a compelling introduction to what’s to come. In the words of The Deadly Beloved themselves, “We may be called Deadly, but we are actually all pretty cute.” This seemingly paradoxical charm, combined with their electrifying music, makes The Deadly Beloved a band worth watching as they continue to captivate audiences and breathe new life into the alt-rock scene.

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Cliff & Susan: Lighting Up Small Venues with “Neon Dreams”

Little Rock, Arkansas is known for its rich musical heritage, and the dynamic duo, Cliff & Susan, are proud torchbearers of this tradition. Their latest country single, “Neon Dreams,” set to be released on October 6th, 2023, offers a glimpse into their upcoming album, “Fiddle & Keys,” scheduled for release on October 27th.

Cliff & Susan

Crafted by the talented trio of Cliff Prowse, Susan Erwin, and Bree Ogden, “Neon Dreams” captures the romanticism of intimate venues, where the magic of music comes alive. It’s a heartfelt tribute to the unyielding spirit of aspiring artists worldwide, celebrating the sheer thrill of performing live and the relentless pursuit of one’s dreams. This song strikes a chord with anyone who’s ever chased their passion against all odds, driven not by the allure of fame or fortune but by a genuine love for their craft. Cliff & Susan’s musical journey has been nothing short of phenomenal. Cliff, a seasoned multi-instrumentalist and producer, crossed paths with Susan, an internationally acclaimed piano entertainer, on stage back in 2016. Since then, they’ve been delivering over 200 shows annually, wowing audiences with their multi-genre performances, and dropping hit tracks like “Drivin’ Me Crazy” and “Fiddle & Keys.” Their talent has even graced the nationally televised Huckabee Show, and they’ve shared the stage with renowned acts like ZZ Top and Niko Moon.

But their impact goes beyond the music. The couple runs Big Red Dog Productions, a music production company, and has earned recognition as award-winning event promoters for the Yadaloo Music & Arts Festival. They also host a podcast and operate the Entertainers Academy, providing invaluable support to independent artists. Cliff, Susan, and their three furry companions call Little Rock, Arkansas, home. With “Neon Dreams,” they remind us that the real treasure isn’t always the fame or fortune; it’s found in the unrelenting pursuit of our passions and the joy of doing what we love—performing for crowds and living our “Neon Dreams.”

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Albion Shines with Debut EP “The Rooms Where Songs are Made”

Albion, a six-piece band hailing from the vibrant music scene of London, is making waves with the release of their highly-anticipated debut EP, “The Rooms Where Songs are Made.” This compelling EP officially dropped on September 29, 2023, introducing listeners to a captivating blend of storytelling and melodious artistry.


The EP’s title, “The Rooms Where Songs are Made,” draws inspiration from a poignant lyric in the lead single, “Amy,” which reflects, “It’s so fitting as you’re writing in the rooms where songs are made.” This title pays homage to a significant chapter in Albion’s history, as it refers to a flat on the 13th floor of a Camden tower block where the band’s journey began in 2015. Many of the initial ideas for the EP were conceived in this cherished space, making it a fitting name for this collection of songs. Let’s delve into the heart of this musical collection:

Amy“: Kicking off the EP is a poignant homage to unrequited love and a heartfelt lament dedicated to the late and legendary Amy Winehouse. This track sets the tone for an emotionally charged journey.

Tetrachromacy“: A powerful exploration of friendship, rebirth, and the intriguing phenomenon of tetrachromacy, which grants individuals the ability to perceive a vast spectrum of shades and colors.

Lions“: A captivating narrative of love, with a unique twist. This song unfolds the story of two destined lovers, their rendezvous point being the iconic Lions in Nottingham’s Market Square.

Taxidermy Love“: This track unravels the intricacies of an indulgent yet ultimately ill-fated relationship. It’s a celebration of love’s grandeur and an exploration of its inevitable descent.

“The Rooms Where Songs are Made” was impeccably recorded at The Albion Rooms in Margate, helmed by the skilled Jason Stafford, with the finishing touches masterfully applied by Graham Waller. Albion, drawing influences from a diverse range including The Beatles and Ludovico Einaudi, continues to captivate audiences with their unique blend of musical artistry. “The Rooms Where Songs are Made” is a testament to their lyrical prowess and melodic mastery, offering a captivating listening experience for music enthusiasts worldwide.

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