Lazarus Music proudly unveils Robert Vendetta’s latest musical masterpiece, “Vendetta Del Disco,” a genre-defying album that seamlessly blends Retropop, Rockeaton, Prog, Bowie-inspired melodies, and African rhythms. In this auditory journey, Vendetta showcases his versatility, introducing listeners to a vibrant tapestry of sounds and narratives. The album kicks off with “Main Man,” a track that encapsulates the protagonist’s entanglement in the corporate grind. The pulsating beats and dynamic arrangements mirror the hectic pace of modern life. As the character loses himself in the relentless “Work, Work, Work,” Vendetta’s lyrical prowess captures the essence of societal pressures, building a bridge between personal struggles and universal experiences. “Shrink” delves into the protagonist’s mental state, emphasizing the importance of self-reflection. Vendetta’s vocal delivery, accompanied by intricate instrumentals, paints a vivid picture of the character’s psychological journey. The album takes an unexpected turn with “Fool,” introducing Progrock elements that add an experimental edge to the narrative.

Robert Vendetta

The single “Vacation” serves as a turning point in the storyline, providing a sonic escape reminiscent of sunny days and carefree moments. The infectious rhythm and African-inspired beats in “Breathe” offer a breath of fresh air, encouraging listeners to embrace life’s simplicity and find solace in the present. The titular track, “Vendetta Del Disco,” unfolds like a celebration of newfound freedom and self-discovery. The energetic melody and lively instrumentation mirror the character’s transformation on the dancefloor. “Here and Now” maintains the album’s upbeat momentum, delivering a sonic celebration of life’s fleeting moments. The penultimate track, “Set The World On Fire,” serves as a triumphant conclusion to the protagonist’s journey. Vendetta’s powerful vocals, combined with anthemic instrumentals, convey a sense of empowerment and purpose. The album’s diverse influences come full circle, leaving listeners with a sense of catharsis and inspiration.

“Vendetta Del Disco” stands as a testament to Robert Vendetta’s ability to transcend musical boundaries. The collaboration with his bandmates – Anders Jansvik on drums, Torunn Christelle on mellotron, and Håvard Solli on bass – adds depth to the arrangements. The backing vocals provided by Anders, Torunn, Bjørn Nes, and János elevate the album’s sonic landscape. In this album, Robert Vendetta reinvents Retropop by infusing it with a myriad of influences, creating an immersive listening experience. The intricate storytelling, coupled with diverse musical elements, showcases Vendetta’s evolution as an artist. “Vendetta Del Disco” is not merely an album; it’s a sonic odyssey that invites listeners to dance, reflect, and embark on their own transformative journey.

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