Proklaim, the visionary solo artist and wordsmith, catapults into uncharted musical territories with his latest single, “POPPIN.” This groundbreaking track not only pushes the boundaries of hip-hop but seamlessly melds it with the infectious vibes of Amapiano, delivering a genre-defying sonic experience. Influenced by icons like Wutang Clan, Tupac, Big Punisher, Lauryn Hill, and Nas, Proklaim infuses his progressive hip-hop with a potent message. With previous recognition on MTV Base for his “Kingz” video, Proklaim stands at the forefront of artists seeking to redefine the sonic landscape of hip-hop.


“POPPIN” isn’t just a song; it’s a testament to Proklaim’s commitment to evolving hip-hop’s sound. The fusion of Amapiano beats with the raw lyricism of hip-hop creates an innovative blend, reflecting Proklaim’s dedication to breaking away from convention. Recorded at the aptly named PEN PUSHAZ studios, a nod to Proklaim’s prowess as a wordsmith, and meticulously mixed and mastered at Audio Art Namibia, “POPPIN” emerges as a polished and vibrant creation. Proklaim’s vision for the track goes beyond just music; it’s about celebrating life and delivering messages that resonate.

The genesis of “POPPIN” was a serendipitous encounter with an online beat that captivated Proklaim. After incubating the idea for a few days, he transformed the energy of the beat into a high-octane anthem that blends the invigorating beats of South African Amapiano with the poetic depth of hip-hop. Proklaim’s artistic mantra echoes through his words: “In hip-hop, legend is built off of the ‘verse’… make the words count.” With “POPPIN,” Proklaim doesn’t just make the words count; he orchestrates a sonic revolution, inviting listeners into a realm where hip-hop and Amapiano harmonize, creating a truly unique and exhilarating experience.

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