Boston, MA – Award-winning recording artist and film composer Munk Duane is set to release his latest single, “We’ve Talked About This Before,” on March 1, 2024. Following the success of three critically acclaimed singles in 2023, Duane’s upcoming track promises a profound exploration of emotions through its retro-soul influences. “We’ve Talked About This Before” not only marks Duane’s debut with AWAL, a division of Sony Music, but also delves into the challenging terrain of relationships with aging loved ones, particularly those facing dementia. The soulful composition encapsulates the struggles and nuances of dealing with repetitive conversations, a common occurrence in such scenarios. Duane poignantly compares the experience to a “needle skipping on your favorite song,” emphasizing the importance of embracing these moments, as they may soon become cherished memories.

Munk Duane

In addition to his solo career, Duane has made significant contributions to film and television compositions, collaborating with the Extreme Music library, the production music arm of Sony Music Publishing. His work has been featured in various shows on NBC, A&E, Max, Amazon Prime Video, NatGeo, and more. The success of Duane’s previous singles, namely “Just a Word,” “My Fellow Americans,” and “Myths,” led to Grammy┬« consideration in the Best Pop Solo Performance category at the 66th Annual Grammy┬« Awards. These tracks were prominently featured in the 2023 film “The Getback,” garnering attention and acclaim within the industry.

As anticipation builds for “We’ve Talked About This Before,” Munk Duane continues to demonstrate his versatility and artistry, crafting music that resonates on both an emotional and sonic level. The forthcoming single promises to be a heartfelt addition to Duane’s repertoire, further solidifying his position as a distinguished figure in the music landscape.

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