In the enchanting realms of music, Mira Sthira and Shandor have joined forces to create a profound and resonant remix that captures the essence of homeland pride and the serenity found within nature’s embrace. Their collaborative endeavor, birthed from a chance meeting online amidst the turmoil of the Ukraine war, not only celebrates the beauty of Maine and Ukraine but also sheds light on the peril that the conflict poses to the woodlands.

Mira Sthira
Mira Sthira

Mira Sthira, a master of vocals, lyrics, and songwriting, harmonizes seamlessly with Shandor’s expertise in production, songwriting, mixing, and mastering. Their influences, ranging from the iconic Madonna and Halsey to the ethereal Aurora and visionary Grimes, infuse their music with a captivating aura.

While their performances have primarily graced the digital realm, their ambitions extend beyond, yearning to explore new horizons and touch the hearts of wider audiences. In the midst of their musical journey, Shandor faces the challenging prospect of keeping his cherished recording studio, “Shining Music Studio,” in Zaporizhzhia afloat, as Ukrainian artists struggle to afford the costs of recording and producing music.

Through their remarkable debut release, recorded in Mira Sthira’s home studio in Bath, Maine, and brought to life by Shandor at Shining Music Studio, their ethos of finding solace and unity in one’s homeland resonates deeply. The track “Woods” embodies the discovery of hidden adventures in the forests of one’s own land, emphasizing the importance of cherishing and embracing the beauty that lies at our very doorstep.

Mira Sthira

The journey to create this remix has been far from amusing, hindered by the challenges of war and the disruption it brings. Messages intercepted, shelling causing delays—Shandor has faced tremendous obstacles. Through this song, Mira Sthira and Shandor aspire to provide solace and refuge, not only to themselves but also to those affected by the war’s devastating impact.

Mira Sthira’s name, meaning “Ocean Strength,” truly encapsulates her transformative journey, emerging like a phoenix from the depths. This release stands as a testament to their resilience, their unwavering dedication to their homeland, and their commitment to shedding light on the consequences of war.

Amidst the melodies and harmonies, Mira Sthira and Shandor create a profound connection, bridging the gaps between nations and reminding us of the healing power found within our homelands and the natural world. Their music whispers a message of hope and unity, inviting listeners to embark on a soul-stirring journey within their own hearts and the cherished landscapes they call home.

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Lady Redneck, a popular artist based in Dallas, is preparing to unveil her latest single, “I Wonder About You,” on May 12th, 2023. This heartfelt track, written by Lady Redneck’s own father, serves as a touching tribute to his enduring influence on her life and musical career, following the success of her previous hit, “All Things,” which reached #1 on the UK iTunes Christian chart.

Lady Redneck

Known professionally as Lady Redneck, Stephanie Lee has cultivated a devoted following with her genuine country sound and uplifting Christian lyrics. Her music seamlessly combines traditional country elements with contemporary Christian influences, delivering a message of hope and faith that resonates globally.

“I Wonder About You” delves into Lady Redneck’s profound gratitude for her father, spanning from cherished childhood memories to her journey as a singer-songwriter. The song beautifully captures the enduring bond between a father and daughter.

Anticipation is high among Lady Redneck’s fans as they eagerly await the release of this new single. Lady Redneck, a talented artist whose music is infused with passion and faith, is excited to share her latest creation with the world.

Lady Redneck’s music can be found on all major streaming platforms. To stay updated on her upcoming releases, visit her official website or follow her on social media.

About Lady Redneck:
Stephanie Lee, also known as Lady Redneck, is a Christian country artist hailing from Dallas, Texas. Her energetic performances and lighthearted songs have garnered attention worldwide. Despite defying stereotypes, Lady Redneck proudly embraces her small-town roots and unique personality. She writes heartfelt songs inspired by her own experiences and stories. Born in Blackfoot, Idaho, Lady Redneck spent her early years in a small town called Howe before relocating with her family to Idaho Falls. Growing up in a musical household, she became proficient in multiple instruments. Now pursuing her solo career, Lady Redneck is making a name for herself, earning both fan admiration and critical acclaim. Discover more about her journey and music at

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Mayday 13, an independent alternative pop artist, has made a captivating entrance into the music industry with the release of his debut album, “Dreaming Is Easy,” on Friday, May 12. This milestone marks the official beginning of Mayday 13’s music career, showcasing his talent and creativity. With nine tracks, the album carries a melancholic undertone that invites deep introspection, exploring the intricacies of relationships and the emotions they entail. While many songs on the record exude a somber atmosphere, Mayday 13’s lyrics consistently offer a glimmer of hope and the possibility of redemption in any circumstance.

Mayday 13

“Dreaming Is Easy” revolves around the concept of holding onto one’s dreams, be it in preserving a relationship or finding solace in the support of loved ones. Mayday 13 delves into the challenges of life, touching upon the struggle of feeling seen and understood. The album’s third track, “Spirits,” encapsulates this sentiment with poignant lyrics expressing the desire for belonging and connection.

Mayday 13 pushed the boundaries of his artistry by single-handedly creating the album. He played multiple instruments, penned the lyrics, and produced the entire project, infusing each track with dreamy background instrumentals that seamlessly flow throughout the album. The artist aimed to craft a unique and cohesive sound that authentically reflects his style and mood.

In celebration of the album release, Mayday 13 has committed to donating $1 from every album sold during the launch week to Families with Children battling Osteosarcoma through, demonstrating his commitment to giving back and making a positive impact.

About Mayday 13:
Mayday 13 is the brainchild of New Jersey-based alternative musician Brian Hadley. Drawing inspiration from musical luminaries such as David Bowie, Band of Horses, Radiohead, M83, and Manchester Orchestra, Mayday 13 embarked on this solo project in late 2022. Despite having spent over a decade in the thriving Philadelphia cover gig scene, Brian has always maintained a connection to the realm of original music. Now, Mayday 13 is set to release its first full-length album, comprised of nine captivating tracks, on May 12, 2023.


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Karmic Neighborhood, consisting of Armand Ruby and Julian Colbeck, has just unveiled their latest alt-pop single, “Song of Wonder,” on May 12th. This captivating track serves as the introductory piece for the highly anticipated feature film, Equinox the Musical. In “Song of Wonder,” the film’s central female character, Katie, defies her past and present hardships, asserting her determination to live life on her own terms and make a positive impact on the world.

Karmic Neighborhood


Equinox the Musical narrates the story of two young lovers facing homelessness. Throughout a tumultuous day, they discover that forgiveness, gratitude, and love hold the power to survive even the most chaotic circumstances. Prior to the performance of “Song of Wonder” in the musical, the audience witnesses flashback scenes that unveil the distressing events leading to Katie’s homelessness and her battle with pneumonia, eventually finding solace in a homeless shelter. However, an impending threat of eviction for her beloved Jason throws their lives into further uncertainty.

The ethereal vocals of newcomer Kristen Trayer, reminiscent of Bjork and Kate Bush, grace “Song of Wonder,” complementing its inventive harmonies and powerful delivery. Produced by Julian Colbeck and Armand Ruby, composed by Armand Ruby, and arranged by Julian Colbeck, the song features Andrew Synowiec on guitars and Julian Colbeck on keyboards and synths. Colbeck aptly describes the track as “a hauntingly beautiful kaleidoscope of natural sounds and harmonic vocals that immediately captivate the listener while lingering in their thoughts.”

At its core, “Song of Wonder” celebrates the indomitable human spirit’s resilience in overcoming adversity, leaving listeners inspired and uplifted.

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