Mercurius, the dynamic trio consisting of James Brown, Paul Brown, and Jasmine Crichton, unveils their latest sonic masterpiece,  Beyond a mere song, “Streetlights” is a heartfelt journey, seamlessly blending modern influences with the nostalgic resonance of the ’80s. At the core of this musical alchemy are the mesmerizing vocal performances of James and Jazzy, beautifully complemented by Paul’s evocative guitar work. The trio’s musical synergy is palpable, a testament to their longstanding connection—Paul and James having shared a bond that spans a lifetime.



“Streetlights” transcends the conventional boundaries of a love song; it’s a poignant narrative of the yearning to return home after an extended absence. The track, clocking in at over six minutes, might appear expansive, but within this duration unfolds a sonic tapestry that captivates. To skip the last two minutes is to forfeit the opportunity to savor Paul’s pinnacle guitar artistry. Recorded at Blast Studios in Newcastle and deftly mixed and mastered by Olly, who also contributed to drum programming and guitar work, “Streetlights” exudes a production finesse that elevates the listening experience. Noteworthy is the subtle nod to Don Henley’s “Boys of Summer,” influencing the drum arrangement and adding an extra layer of intrigue to the composition. Mercurius, with their adept fusion of classic and contemporary elements, invites listeners to immerse themselves fully in the symphony of “Streetlights.”

Jazzy, a rising star at just 22, showcases her vocal prowess in a duet with James, creating a harmonious interplay that defines the track. As the trio contemplates potential live performances with a full band, “Streetlights” stands as a testament to Mercurius’ commitment to musical excellence—a radiant beacon in the night sky of their artistic journey.

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