Embrace the poignant journey of life with LearningToDive’s latest single, “Rise,” set to be released on July 14, 2023. Under the artistic identity of Bravo Bonez, producer, arranger, and multi-instrumentalist, “Rise” marks the third single from the upcoming EP, “Drums of War.” Departing from his usual upbeat and retro-infused tones, Bravo Bonez delves into alternative themes with darker and more complex layers in this release.


“Rise” explores the turbulent path each individual traverses, encountering both joy and sorrow. It portrays a life marred by harassment, persecution, and deception. However, the song’s central message is one of resilience and defiance against negative thoughts, despite the inevitable end that awaits us all.

According to Bravo Bonez, the track begins and ends in an unsettling manner, deliberately leaving the listener in a state of unease. The contrasting euphoria found in the choruses serves as a representation of the schizophrenic nature that arises from prolonged persecution.

“Rise” credits Bravo Bonez as the writer and composer, co-produced alongside Greg Haver (known for his work with Manic Street Preachers and Mel C), and engineered and mixed by Clint Murphy (notable for his collaborations with Enter Shikari and 50 Cent). The drums on the track were performed by Greg Haver. The single is released under the PureSound label, recorded at PureSound Studios in New Zealand, and mastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound in Nashville, USA.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the introspective and emotive soundscape of “Rise” as LearningToDive, through the identity of Bravo Bonez, invites listeners to contemplate the resilience of the human spirit. Stay tuned for the release and be ready to embark on a musical journey that embraces the complexities of life.


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Get ready for a groundbreaking release from DCxPC Live as they introduce their latest format, Live & Dead! This innovative concept presents a vinyl album with a live recording on Side A and studio tracks on Side B. Limited to only 200 copies on stunning violet vinyl, preorders for the 12″ vinyl will commence on July 14th. Simultaneously, the band will release their first single, “Devour (live),” on all streaming platforms. Those who order the vinyl between July 14th and 21st will have the chance to win the band’s favorite live album, Botch 061502.

DCxPC Live

DCxPC Live’s exploration of the Live & Dead format emerged during the pandemic, when livestream shows became prevalent. These performances were captured and released as vinyl albums, paying tribute to the iconic VMLive album covers of the 1990s. Each album pre-order presents an opportunity to win the corresponding VMLive album, creating an exciting collector’s experience. The Moat Cobra album represents the band’s debut in this format.

Hailing from Florida, Moat Cobra has carved their place in the metal scene by blending classic metal, sludge, and hardcore punk to create their distinct swamp metal sound. Despite some lineup changes, the band remains a dominant force in the local Orlando scene. Their debut full-length album, “Deimos,” recorded with Jeff McAlear and Scott Angelacos, was released in August 2018, showcasing their raw intensity. Moat Cobra has had the privilege of sharing the stage with acclaimed acts such as High on Fire, Bloodlet, Torche, and Incantation, solidifying their reputation as a powerful live act.

“Devour” (Live), their first release in four years, signifies a new chapter for Moat Cobra with bassist Roberto Oppenheimer. This track is part of a collection of songs the band has diligently crafted for an upcoming EP. With its aggressive energy and captivating performance, “Devour” highlights Moat Cobra’s evolution and renewed vigor.

DCxPC Live’s commitment to releasing music by beloved bands shines through their independent approach, free from contracts and record deals. They place their trust in the punk rock community and genuine love for the music.


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Prepare yourself for an exhilarating experience as Moat Cobra’s primal and chaotic sound takes you on a thrilling journey. Brace yourself for their upcoming EP and let “Devour” (Live) reignite your passion for metal once again.


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Dogface and the Pony Soldiers, the brainchild of Arizona native Sean McCauley, is a captivating one-man band based in Phoenix. McCauley’s latest release, “No Better Time,” is a poignant reflection of the 2020 Covid crisis and the personal health challenges he faced during that period. Drawing inspiration from iconic artists like the Beatles, Wilco, and Father John Misty, the album combines a melodic sound with introspective lyrics that explore the quest for inner peace amidst a chaotic and ever-changing world.

Dogface and the Pony Soldiers

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Premier Studios in Phoenix by Jeremy Parker, “No Better Time” showcases McCauley’s songwriting and performance prowess. Each track on the album delves into various themes, including the anxieties of a rapidly evolving society (such as “Beauty Queen”) and the search for solace within it (like in “One Being”).

Reflecting on the release, McCauley shares, “I’m extremely proud of these songs. Great thought went into both the lyrics and the melodies.” With its compelling blend of influences and thoughtful compositions, “No Better Time” is a testament to the artistic vision and talent of Dogface and the Pony Soldiers.


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The One Tonic is set to release a heartfelt song that celebrates the invaluable gift of family, even in times of financial hardship. With a powerful message, the track reminds us that sometimes it takes losing everything to recognize the true wealth we possess.

The One Tonic

The One Tonic is the brainchild of multi-talented musician Matt Soren, who handles vocals, keys, guitar, and synth programming in this electro-pop rock project. Influenced by the likes of Switchfoot, Muse, and Imagine Dragons, The One Tonic crafts captivating melodies that resonate with audiences.

With a strong focus on philanthropy, The One Tonic primarily performs at private events and shows dedicated to raising funds for organizations that support families and individuals battling addiction and mental illness. The project has garnered recognition, ranking as the #1 regional alternative artist on ReverbNation and receiving acclaim for its passionate and sincere musical offerings.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind the upcoming release, Matt Soren shares, “I had to lose it all to see I already had everything I needed: my family.” This poignant sentiment encapsulates the essence of the song, reminding us of the profound love and richness that can be found within our closest relationships.

let The One Tonic’s emotive song serve as a reminder of the immeasurable value of family, even in the face of adversity.

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