Irish singer-songwriter has recently unveiled his highly anticipated LP, ‘Worlds Between Us,’ taking listeners on a captivating journey through his personal struggles with religion, relationships, and self-esteem. This introspective collection of songs is now available for streaming, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in Gavin’s heartfelt and thought-provoking music.

Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, Gavin Doyle is a talented musician and a graduate of BIMM Dublin. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Gavin’s musical prowess shines through his solo work and collaborations with esteemed bands like Heroes in Hiding and The Barley Mob. Notably, he gained recognition for his production of the remotely recorded cover of ‘One Day Like This’ by Live and Socially Distant, earning praise from Elbow frontman Guy Garvey.

‘Worlds Between Us’ follows a string of successful releases, accumulating nearly 100K streams. Gavin’s debut single, ‘Before the Fall,’ received widespread acclaim as Hot Press’ Track of the Week.

Through his latest LP, Gavin Doyle shares a diverse range of topics and themes that collectively explore the journey of self-discovery.

‘Worlds Between Us’ is now available for streaming across all major platforms, allowing music enthusiasts to delve into the heartfelt melodies and profound lyricism that define Gavin’s musical artistry. Take a moment to explore the rich soundscape crafted by this talented Irish artist and experience the emotional depth of ‘Worlds Between Us.’


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Indie band Third Lung, hailing from Reading, UK, has reached a significant milestone by signing with Marquee Records. Their latest release, a reimagined version of AC/DC’s classic hit “It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock n Roll),” pays homage to the iconic Marquee Club where AC/DC once performed.

Third Lung

Led by songwriter and vocalist Tom Farrelly, Third Lung infuses their unique blend of Britpop and 21st-century rock into the track, staying true to the original while adding their own distinctive touch. With their explosive live performances and critical acclaim from BBC Introducing and The Arts Desk, Third Lung has swiftly gained a devoted following.

The band members, including bassist Rob Jacques, guitarist/songwriter/vocalist Camilla Jurasek, and drummer Sam Waugh, have received support from industry veterans like Steve Lamacq and have garnered global radio recognition. Their debut release on Marquee Records signifies their remarkable progress and invites listeners to join them on their musical journey. The single “It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock n Roll)” is now available for streaming.


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Introducing Info, a talented musician on a mission to make a difference. With a heart set on inspiring millions through his music, Info is dedicated to giving back to society. He has pledged to donate 100% of his streaming profits to the charity: water, an organization focused on providing clean drinking water to those in need.


Info’s journey hasn’t been easy. At a young age, he became a caregiver for his mentally ill father, and later lost his mother to cancer. Despite these challenges, Info persevered and fulfilled his dream of inspiring others while paying off his father’s mortgage in 2021.

Now, Info’s focus is on the flow of his music. Combining rap and guitar, he draws inspiration from artists like NF, Akala, Ed Sheeran, Eminem, and Logic. His captivating performances have earned him praise, with one reviewer noting how he can silence a crowd before unleashing an electric wave of energy.

The single “In Your Eyes” captures the allure of seduction and romance. Recorded in various locations including Sydney, Rockhampton, Brisbane, and LA, Info’s music reflects his ethos of making a positive impact while exploring different musical styles.

Through his commitment to charity and his passion for music, Info is poised to leave a lasting impression. With every stream, listeners contribute to the cause of clean water, helping to address the alarming number of people still drinking dirty water around the world.

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Dayton-based singer-songwriter Pete Price has touched hearts once again with his latest single and accompanying lyric video, “Old Movies and You,” taken from his highly acclaimed album, “Department of the Interior.” The deeply emotional track beautifully captures the enduring love and unwavering devotion shared between a couple, even in the face of life’s challenges.

Pete Price

Drawing inspiration from his own personal journey with his wife, who bravely battled cancer twice and recently endured a minor stroke, Price penned “Old Movies and You” as a poignant reminder to couples about the power of appreciation in nurturing a relationship.

Reflecting on the song’s origins, Price shares, “My inspiration for writing this song was my wife and her ongoing health struggles. As she slowly recovered, I realized how much she means to me and how lost I would be without her. I made a vow to prioritize her desires and demonstrate my deep love for her. Although the song could apply to the end of a romantic relationship as well, it emphasizes the importance of appreciation in strengthening a bond. I always encourage others to express their love to that special someone.”

“Old Movies and You” is now available for streaming on major platforms, and fans can discover more of Pete Price’s heartfelt music by visiting his official website. With his previous single, “Common Ground,” reaching an impressive #15 on the UK iTunes Rock Songs chart, Pete Price continues to captivate listeners with his soul-stirring melodies and poignant storytelling.


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