Stephanie Carlin and Carey Clayton make up the Los Angeles-based alternative-folk duo known as Fore Fader. They met in Brooklyn ten years ago playing the New York circuit, and they have been making music together ever since.

Fore Fader’s music is a unique blend of alt-rock, folk, and electronica. Their sound is characterized by lush harmonies, driving rhythms, and ethereal melodies. They are heavily influenced by artists such as Radiohead, Bjork, and Rage Against The Machine.

Fore Fader’s latest single, “In Time,” is a perfect example of their sound. The song is a slow-burning ballad that builds to an explosive crescendo. The lyrics are about finding hope in the midst of darkness, and the music perfectly captures the feeling of being lost and alone.

Fore Fader is a new voice in alt-rock, and they are sure to make waves in the music scene. Their music is both beautiful and powerful, and it is sure to resonate with listeners of all ages.


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