In a soulful debut as a solo artist, Jeremy Lloyd-Styles introduces the world to his latest creation, the deeply personal EP titled “2K80410.” Renowned for his bearded charm and previous contributions to Pearl and the Beard, Lloyd-Styles takes center stage, playing every instrument on this emotional journey, offering a raw and intimate glimpse into his musical prowess. “2K80410” is not just an EP; it’s a celebration of a decade of love, a heartfelt gift to Lloyd-Styles’ wife on their 10th wedding anniversary. In a world where artistic expression often serves as a unique form of communication, Jeremy shares, “I made something no one asked for. I am putting it out, and hope some folks enjoy it and make them feel less lonely, or give them a nice pep in their step as they do chores/work their job/drive their kids.”

Jeremy Lloyd-Styles

Recorded within the walls of his Brooklyn apartment, the EP draws inspiration from diverse influences, including Mitski, Slow Pulp, Just Mustard, and Tanuchikan. Each track becomes a carefully crafted piece of a musical mosaic, reflecting the artist’s journey of love and self-expression. Among the standout tracks, “I’m Sorry Your Job Sucks” emerges as a poignant narrative, offering a comforting embrace to those navigating the complexities of work and life. “Paradise” paints a sonic landscape of euphoria, while “Hope the Discman Tucked in My Seat Doesn’t Fly out Round This Curve” unfolds as a whimsical journey, echoing the sentiment of holding on to precious moments. Jeremy’s approach to the songs is akin to a painter working with a palette dominated by love and appreciation. “I attempted to approach a song like a painter,” he explains. “I wanted to, say, paint in all blue and see what I could make given the skills I have.” The result is a collection of tracks that resonate with authenticity and sincerity.

To keep the EP a surprise until the actual anniversary, Lloyd-Styles humorously shares, “Keeping this thing a secret from her has been pretty brutal. I am just gummed up talking about BS until I can spring this baby on her.”In his own words, Jeremy encapsulates the essence of “2K80410”: “We’re bodies of atoms vibrating, and, technically there is more space and emptiness than actual atoms. Hopefully, this album vibrates in a pleasing way with some folks’ atoms and fills in some of that emptiness.” As the EP emerges into the world, it not only promises musical enjoyment but invites listeners into a heartfelt narrative, connecting through the universal language of love and shared experiences. Dive into the sonic embrace of “2K80410,” where each track serves as a chapter in the lyrical love story of Jeremy Lloyd-Styles.

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