Canadian composer and pianist Jeff Vidov has just dropped his latest single, “Oh mi da dey di,” a dynamic and uplifting track from his upcoming double album. This song follows his previous releases, “Baby can u dig your man?” and “A Little less love,” all recorded in his Toronto studio with talented Canadian musicians. Vidov’s music proudly stands as 100% Canadian Can-con-MAPL and remains free of explicit lyrics, available across all streaming platforms along with accompanying videos on his YouTube channel.


“Oh mi da dey di” is a feel-good anthem brimming with hope and love. Vidov, drawing on his decades of experience as a choir pianist and conductor, channels a profound sense of community and positivity into the song. The track encourages listeners to rise above their individual struggles, to support others, and to make a meaningful difference. It’s a perfect example of the Neorock movement—a blend of rock music with deep, thought-provoking lyrics, high-energy performances, and significant orchestral contributions. The orchestra plays a crucial role in Vidov’s music, adding unique layers and textures that set his work apart. The song’s title is inspired by the vocal warmups Vidov conducts with his choir, emphasizing vowels and scales. This connection to his choral roots gives “Oh mi da dey di” a distinctive and authentic feel.

Vidov’s illustrious career includes winning the SOCAN Composer’s Award, studying at prestigious institutions like the Eastman School of Music and the Manhattan School of Music, and working with major artists such as Mariah Carey and Stevie Wonder. He has composed scores for films and TV shows, performed with tribute bands, and conducted numerous choirs across Canada. In “Oh mi da dey di,” Vidov masterfully blends rock and orchestral elements to create a vibrant, uplifting track. It’s a song that not only showcases his exceptional musical skills but also spreads a message of positivity and community spirit. As Vidov continues to release singles leading up to his 2024 double album, he solidifies his place as a powerful and innovative force in the music world.

you can buy the song at my bandcamp page below

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