Indie Folk-Pop artist Lauren Minear is set to release her powerful new single, “The Way It Was,” on November 17th, offering a compelling exploration of resilience and empowerment. Known for her signature ability to translate intense emotions into poignant songwriting, Minear collaborates with producer Dan Weeks on this latest track, drawing inspiration from the recent overturning of Roe versus Wade by the United States Supreme Court. Recorded at WWW Studios in London and The Cutting Room Studios in New York, NY, “The Way It Was” delivers a cathartic listening experience, weaving clever and thought-provoking lyrics over bold and unexpected instrumentation. The single serves as a rising anthem for women, channeling Minear’s reflections on the current political climate into a message of strength and empowerment.

Lauren Minear

“We’ll never stop trying / While women are dying / We come from the earth, love / It’s how you were made,” sings Minear, capturing the essence of the track’s empowering narrative. “The Way It Was” is the lead single from Minear’s upcoming album, expected to drop in Spring 2024. The album promises a vibrant exploration of visibility and self-discovery, showcasing Minear’s versatility as an artist.

Lauren Minear, not only a critically-acclaimed indie folk-pop singer-songwriter but also a psychotherapist and mother based in New York, brings a unique blend of heartfelt lyrics, a soulful voice, and undeniable wit to her music. Her upcoming release is sure to resonate with audiences, offering a compelling and timely commentary on the world we live in. She’s one of my all time favorite as a music curator get to her.

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New-wave post-punk stalwarts, Department S, have unveiled their latest sonic venture with the release of the poignant single, “Whistle For The Wind (feat. Leigh Heggarty).” Following their resurgence in 2007, marked by their iconic 1981 chart hit “Is Vic There?,” the band has continued to evolve, consistently delivering new material that defies expectations. “Whistle For The Wind,” unleashed on December 1st, 2023, introduces a relentless new-wave post-punk anthem, characterized by its vigorous pace and breathless conclusion. However, beneath the high-energy musical façade lies a sobering theme, with frontman Phil Thompson revealing the song’s profound inspiration.

Department S

The track delves into the emotionally charged experience of witnessing a loved one grapple with dementia. Thompson shares, “It’s one of those songs about something that happened to me which was all-consuming for a while and eventually it just blurted out in a lyric. It was important that the music reflected the sense of manic loss, confusion, and anger in the words.” In a captivating collaboration, the band enlisted the prowess of Leigh Heggarty, the guitar virtuoso from Ruts DC. Heggarty’s intuitive understanding of the song’s essence resulted in a poignant addition to the instrumental section. Thompson elaborates, “Leigh is a good friend of ours and a monstrously talented guitarist. He sensed the vibe of the thing and played slide on a cigar-box guitar made by Rat Scabies. It completely captures the ‘lost at sea’ feel we wanted for the song.”

“Whistle For The Wind” not only stands as a testament to Department S’s enduring musicality but also serves as a preview of their forthcoming album. Released on December 1st, the single is a testament to the band’s continued creativity and ability to seamlessly meld vibrant instrumentation with emotionally charged storytelling.

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Breaking onto the music scene with a poignant debut, Mia Van de Loo introduces us to her soulful sound in the form of the single “fairytale.” Collaborating with esteemed producer and mixing engineer Laiko, known for his work with artists like Medium Build and Sydney Rose, along with mastering engineer Eric Lagg, Mia’s heartfelt track navigates the intricate landscape of infatuation and unrequited love. Reflecting on the collaboration, Mia expresses pride in having these accomplished professionals contribute to her debut, emphasizing the personal significance of “fairytale” in her musical journey.

mia van de loo

Anticipation is building for Mia’s debut EP, titled “open book,” set for release on December 8th, 2023. After dedicating two years to building momentum for this release, Mia is thrilled to share her musical endeavors with the world, viewing it as just the beginning of her artistic journey. With a music video for “fairytale” currently in post-production, Mia aims to complement the emotional depth of the song with a visual narrative. Reviews from the Fresh Off the Press Music Promotion Podcast commend the track’s solid composition and its ability to evoke a profound listening experience. “fairytale” delves into the poignant tale of being enamored with the wrong person, navigating the struggle to maintain sanity in the face of unreciprocated emotions. The minimalist approach, carefully curated by Laiko and Eric Lagg, enhances the song’s atmosphere, creating an emotional resonance that lingers.

Mia Van de Loo is not just an artist; she is a storyteller with a distinctive voice. Beyond the music, she shares her experiences through social media content and intimate coffee shop performances, creating an authentic connection with her growing audience. As she prepares to unveil “open book” and the accompanying music video, Mia invites listeners to embrace the emotions woven into her music—a journey marked by grace, hope, and an unwavering desire to experience life authentically. Stay tuned as Mia Van de Loo paves her way into the hearts of music enthusiasts around the world.

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Embarking on a voyage into the depths of personal emotions, Monaco’s music sensation, Olla, unveils her latest release, “Down in the Deep.” In a departure from her usual themes of happiness, joy, gratitude, and spiritual stability, Olla dives into the complexities of love with this deeply personal single.

Olla has carved her niche in the music scene with a string of releases that resonated strongly with European audiences, earning her a dedicated following. Her track “Weightless” notably secured a spot on Spotify’s prestigious editorial playlists, including “Viral Hits” and “Hit Italiane,” solidifying her presence in the industry. The enchanting melodies and heartfelt lyrics of her previous single, “Paradise,” even caught the attention of Billboard Italia magazine.

“Down in the Deep” promises to be a significant departure from Olla’s previous offerings, delving into a more introspective and intimate realm. The artist’s ability to convey profound emotions through her music is expected to strike a chord with listeners from diverse backgrounds. As Olla continues to evolve as an artist, “Down in the Deep” stands as a testament to her versatility and willingness to explore the multifaceted facets of the human experience. Stay tuned as Olla invites us to navigate the complexities of love through her soul-stirring melodies.

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