Stuttgart, Germany – Michael Friedinger, the distinguished pianist and keyboard maestro from Stuttgart, Germany, unveils a heartfelt musical narrative with his latest single, “Time Together with You.” This soulful composition not only serves as a sneak peek into his forthcoming album, set to release in early March, but also showcases Friedinger’s adeptness as a composer, arranger, and producer. “Time Together with You” emerges as the second single from the upcoming album, offering listeners a glimpse into the smoother and more relaxed side of Friedinger’s multifaceted musical universe. The track, laden with emotion and artistry, beckons audiences to savor moments of togetherness, be it with loved ones or through the shared language of music.

Michael Friedinger

Friedinger’s solo endeavor signifies a significant milestone in his musical journey, marking his debut as a solo artist. The upcoming album, comprising 12 intricately crafted tracks, traverses diverse genres, including funky Smooth Jazz, Fusion, Brazilian, Cuban, Gospel, and Straight Ahead Jazz. Drawing inspiration from luminaries such as George Duke, Jeff Lorber, and Russell Ferrante, Friedinger infuses his work with a rich tapestry of Jazz, Funk, Fusion, and Smooth Jazz influences.

Collaborating with a stellar ensemble of musicians, Friedinger weaves a sonic tapestry that includes Arno Haas on Alto Saxophone and Sax Section, Nico Schliemann on Guitar, Ben Jud on Bass, and Stephan Schuchardt on Drums. Together, they bring “Time Together with You” to life, creating an immersive experience that resonates with intimacy and authenticity. The single encapsulates the overarching ethos of Friedinger’s album—an ode to quality time and the beauty found in shared experiences. As the artist prepares to share his debut solo project with the world, “Time Together with You” stands as a testament to Friedinger’s ability to craft music that not only entertains but also tugs at the heartstrings, inviting audiences to partake in the universal language of emotion and connection.

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