Introducing a fresh face to Nashville’s vibrant music scene, Grant Brown is making waves with his debut single, “Low.” The country-pop-infused artist’s foray into the industry is marked by a blend of genres, showcasing a musical evolution that captivates listeners.

Grant Brown

Originally pitched by Sierra Annie, a Nashville-based country-turned pop-punk artist, “Low” immediately caught Grant’s attention as the perfect introduction to his musical journey. The single, set to release this Friday, delivers a unique fusion of country and pop, accompanied by sultry lyrics that resonate with universal emotions. The production of “Low” is helmed by Jacob Frish, known for his work with acclaimed artists Zac Hart and Brandon Davis. The collaboration brings a seasoned touch to Grant Brown’s debut, promising a polished sound that elevates the storytelling within the song.

Grant Brown’s musical exploration takes a bold step forward with “Low,” promising a lyrical journey that strikes a chord with a diverse audience. As the Nashville-based artist unveils his debut single, the anticipation builds for a distinctive sound that seamlessly blends country roots with contemporary pop influences. Keep an ear out for the soulful resonance of “Low” as Grant Brown makes his mark in the dynamic landscape of Nashville’s music scene.

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Meet Dirty Mitts, a spirited quartet comprising Tommy (vocals), Matt (bass), Mo (guitar), and Mateusz (drums). Originating from the UK, Poland, and Egypt, this diverse collective forged their alliance in 2022, fueled by an unwavering passion for electrifying rock’n’roll. Their distinctive sonic concoction intertwines bluesy nuances with vintage vibes, delivering an infectious energy that gets crowds on their feet and moving.

Dirty Mitts

Their latest track, “Women,” follows in the footsteps of earlier hits like “You Better Run! (Villains Theme),” “My Show,” and “Ball & Chain,” collectively amassing over 1,000 radio plays worldwide and surpassing 300,000 Spotify streams. Dirty Mitts’ authentic rock sound is clearly striking a chord with audiences globally. With explosive drums, intense energy, and gritty vocals, Dirty Mitts consistently bring a robust and adrenaline-charged performance to the stage. This gifted ensemble, formed with members from different corners of the world, shares a common vision: to pay homage to the giants of rock while crafting their unique sound.

As they gear up for the release of their upcoming EP, “Hands Off!” on November 10th, Dirty Mitts invites rock enthusiasts to experience their breathtaking new single and video, “Ride The Storm.” Lead singer Tommy Balaam describes the EP as “stacked with raw power, gritty authenticity, and a pinch of nostalgia,” promising a brilliant showcase of the band’s prowess. Formed in 2022, Dirty Mitts is making waves not only with their electrifying live performances but also with their recorded work. Singles like “You Better Run! (Villains Theme),” “My Show,” “Women,” and “Ball & Chain” have garnered global radio airplay and impressive Spotify streams, indicating a rising trajectory and heightened anticipation for the band’s future endeavors.

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Blueprint Moon, helmed by the dynamic Vern Asbury and Sam Bourne, is striking a harmonious chord between festive joy and noble giving with their latest charity Christmas single. Inspired by the imaginative spark of Vern’s 7-year-old daughter, Scarlett, the track not only captures the magic of the season but also pledges 50% of sales to the charity War Child. While the suggested minimum payment is a humble £2.00, the band encourages listeners to contribute more, ensuring that the lion’s share goes directly to support War Child’s meaningful initiatives. With only £1 reserved for promotion costs, the emphasis is on making a positive impact.

Blueprint Moon

Blueprint Moon, a musical collaboration formed in 2020 but rooted in over a decade of partnership, showcases Vern’s soulful vocals and guitar skills, complemented by Sam’s versatile contributions on bass, keys, and vocals. Both seasoned session musicians, their credits span hits by renowned artists like Lewis Capaldi and Bebe Rexha, reflecting a wealth of experience in the music industry. The band’s sound, a fusion of pop with influences ranging from rock to country, mirrors the festive spirit and draws inspiration from iconic artists such as Mariah Carey and Slade. Beyond the music, Blueprint Moon has earned acclaim for their notable gigs, including a memorable performance supporting Santa Claus at Lapland Fest.

As a charity Christmas single, the track not only weaves a tale of a cynic’s transformation into the enchantment of Christmas but also incorporates heartwarming elements in its production. The recording of backing vocals, featuring Scarlett, her giggling 4-year-old brother Ben, and friend Savannah, adds a charming touch to the festive melody. In the words of Vern Asbury, “The more copies we sell, the more money we can donate to War Child.” Blueprint Moon’s charitable initiative is not merely a musical celebration but a heartfelt commitment to making a meaningful difference during the holiday season.

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