Raleigh-based pop duo B+K is thrilled to unveil their highly anticipated new single, “Right By Your Side.” The release follows the duo’s success in gaining attention from Spotify playlist partners and establishing their presence in the pop music arena. With their infectious melodies and vibrant energy, B+K’s music has struck a chord with listeners worldwide. “Right By Your Side” aims to continue the duo’s upward trajectory, building on the success of their previous single, “A Kiss Goodnight,” which amassed over 40,000 streams on Spotify within seven months.


The track encapsulates B+K’s unwavering commitment to spreading positivity and connecting with their audience. Its heartfelt lyrics portray a message of support, encouragement, and unwavering presence during life’s highs and lows. B+K’s dynamic vocal chemistry shines through as they deliver a powerful performance that captivates and inspires.

“Right By Your Side” showcases B+K’s signature sound, blending pop sensibilities with upbeat production. The relatable lyrics and uplifting message of the song are set to resonate with a diverse range of listeners. B+K’s latest release further solidifies their position as rising stars in the pop music scene, leaving a lasting impact on audiences with their joy-filled and empowering music.

The single is accompanied by a captivating music video, enhancing the song’s uplifting spirit. Fans and music enthusiasts can stream and download “Right By Your Side” on all major digital platforms.


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Rye Catchers, the exciting band hailing from Milwaukee, has recently unleashed their latest musical gem, “Creeping on Me.” This captivating track showcases the remarkable skills of renowned bassist Tim Lefebvre, recognized for his collaborations with iconic artists like David Bowie and Black Crowes. With Lefebvre’s cool pedal point bass lines creating a Madonna-esque vibe in the verses, and the infectious choruses building up to a rock-infused bridge and an epic outro, “Creeping on Me” channels the spirit of Rockwell’s 1984 hit, “Somebody’s Watching Me,” adding an exhilarating touch of paranoia to the mix.

Rye Catchers

This release serves as a teaser for Rye Catchers’ highly anticipated upcoming LP, giving listeners a taste of their musical prowess. “Creeping on Me” is now available for streaming and download on all major online platforms, following its release on July 7, 2023, through the esteemed Valiant Horizon label. Led by the talented songwriter and producer David McClintick Roberts, Rye Catchers bring a fresh fusion of genres, accompanied by a diverse group of talented musicians. Their music stands out with its distinct sound, captivating chord progressions, and meaningful lyrics. Stay tuned for more exciting news and releases from Rye Catchers by following them on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube using the handle @ryecatchersmusic.

Valiant Horizon, based in Atlanta, Georgia, operates as a multifaceted music label, production unit, and communications organization, dedicated to delivering exceptional releases in electronica, pop, and rock, and exploring the dynamic landscape of today’s music scene. “Creeping on Me” showcases the vocal prowess of Nikki Simmons, a versatile session vocalist and voice actor known for her impressive 3.5-octave range, alongside the bass expertise of Timothy Lefebvre, whose collaborations with industry icons have earned him a stellar reputation.

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Simon Andersson, a gifted musician, has recently released his latest creation, “Try.” This remarkable piece of music showcases Simon’s exceptional vocal talents and is accompanied by stunning artwork that emanates hope and inspiration, delivering a powerful and uplifting message. In a world fraught with challenges, “Try” serves as a gentle reminder that sometimes all we need is to put in an honest effort.

Simon Andersson

Simon shares the story behind the single, revealing how it deeply resonated with those familiar with his past struggles and unwavering determination. The unexpected connection served as a tremendous source of inspiration. After a substantial hiatus, Simon makes a triumphant return with “Try,” a release that holds a special place in his heart. He expresses sincere gratitude to everyone involved in the project and extends appreciation to those participating in the South Ocean Festival, where he will grace the main stage alongside a lineup of immensely talented artists.

Simon’s music defies boundaries and surpasses expectations, seamlessly blending elements of rock and pop into a captivating and distinctive sound. “Try” exemplifies his artistic vision, boasting enchanting melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and flawless vocals. The production is impeccable, with a warm mix that allows each instrument to shine, from the ethereal piano introduction to the high-energy, guitar-driven choruses. With a perfect duration of 3 minutes and 30 seconds, “Try” is a must-listen for fans of pop and rock, reminiscent of celebrated artists like Francis Moon, The Fray, Coldplay, and Lewis Capaldi.

Originally from Malmö, Sweden, Simon Andersson has left an indelible mark on the music scene since his early appearances on national television. With a wealth of awards and a career spanning over a decade, Simon’s musical journey continues to evolve and inspire. His passion for exploring new sonic landscapes and collaborating with diverse artists and DJs sets the stage for an exciting and promising future. Stay tuned as Simon Andersson embarks on this new chapter of his musical odyssey, enchanting audiences with his extraordinary talent and undeniable artistry.

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Astral Lite’s highly anticipated album, “Pseudoscientist,” is set to be one of the most intellectually stimulating, introspective, and impeccably produced psychedelic rock releases of the year. Unlike many contemporary psychedelic bands that bury their lyrics beneath layers of guitar noise, “Pseudoscientist” strikes a perfect balance between sonic exploration and lyrical depth. The album delves into the theme of duality, exploring the various spectrums of life and the profound journey of navigating contrasting elements.

Astral Lite

Formed in 2015 by visionary songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist Johnie Palmer, Astral Lite has been at the forefront of bringing experimental sounds to northwest Florida’s music scene. After experiencing lineup changes and a temporary disbandment, the band reunited in 2021 with a renewed focus on structured songwriting and pop sensibilities while retaining their celestial post-punk demeanor. With the addition of bassist Amanda Boone and the integration of mesmerizing three-part vocal harmonies, Astral Lite has embarked on a new chapter of reinvention.

Drawing inspiration from influential acts such as The Cure, Sonic Youth, and The Velvet Underground, Astral Lite creates a unique musical experience that bridges the gap between avant-garde pioneers and contemporary lo-fi explorers. Their music intertwines elements of psychedelia, new wave, and distortion, resulting in a captivating and enthralling sonic tapestry.

“Pseudoscientist” was meticulously produced by Kaelin and his father David in their home studio, lovingly referred to as “the Astral Chapel.” Each track was crafted with meticulous attention to detail, showcasing the band’s evolution and growth. From the ethereal garage recordings of their early EP “Mesmerist’s Mainline” to the polished sound of “Pseudoscientist,” Astral Lite’s artistic progression is evident.

A standout track from the album, “Pseudoscientist,” embodies the essence of the record’s theme of duality. It weaves together contrasting elements and takes listeners on a cyclic journey, exploring the realms of love and hate, fantasy and reality, and life’s cyclical nature. Through their music, Astral Lite offers a demonstration of navigating life’s intricacies with grace and introspection, treading the astral realm lightly.

With their unique sound, thought-provoking lyrics, and impeccable musicianship, Astral Lite has garnered praise from critics and audiences alike. Nikki Hedrick of The Beachcomber aptly describes them as “a swirled concoction of mischief and merriment” that bridges the gap between past avant-garde trailblazers and today’s lo-fi innovators.

“Pseudoscientist” is a sonic journey that transcends boundaries and challenges conventions, inviting listeners to explore the depths of their own consciousness. Astral Lite’s album is a must-listen for anyone seeking an intellectually stimulating and emotionally evocative musical experience. As Johnie Palmer succinctly puts it, the band offers “a demonstration in treading the astral lightly,” and “Pseudoscientist” is their compelling manifesto.


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