“Wave At The Window” The opening track sets the tone for “Abandon” with cheery, classic rock vibes that evoke a sense of summer and nostalgia. The song features a folkish quality that adds depth to its progression, especially noticeable in the awesome groovy bridge. It’s a progressive piece that expands dynamically, particularly in its back half, offering listeners a taste of the band’s versatility and songwriting prowess. Following the upbeat energy of the first track, “Godforsaken” takes a contrasting turn with its bluesy and gloomy atmosphere. The emotional lyrics delve deep into themes of abandonment, complemented by interesting guitar sounds and a superb keyboard performance, especially during the solo. This track showcases the band’s ability to convey raw emotion and intensity through their music.

Credit: Photo by Julie Ream

“Funky” is the word for “The King of Small Time,” which infuses Latin and southern rock influences into its sound. The track exudes a fun and punchy vibe, with a chorus that’s bound to get listeners moving. The band’s tight synchronization is particularly evident here, highlighting their cohesion and musical chemistry. “SU(5)” offers an alternative and indie sound, characterized by pleasing chords and a unique blend of influences. The song stands out for its killer breakdown and memorable lyrics, showcasing the band’s ability to craft catchy and distinctive melodies. It’s a track that keeps listeners engaged from start to finish, with each element contributing to its overall appeal. “In The Lighthouse” This track takes listeners on a sonic journey with its great progression, fun lyrics, and cool rhythm changes. The song features impactful solos and psychedelic elements that create a tense and suspenseful atmosphere. Atmospheric sounds add depth to the composition, making it a standout piece on the album. “Very vibey” accurately describes “Hitchhiker’s Guide,” which boasts trippy sounds and effects that captivate listeners. The track’s cool chord progression and catchy melodies make it a memorable addition to the album. It serves as a standout moment that showcases the band’s willingness to experiment with different sounds and textures.

With “All She Wants Is My Money,” the album takes a lively turn, offering a banger that’s clearly single-worthy. The song features a hype-inducing chorus and lyrics that lead seamlessly into catchy hooks. The band’s synchronization is on full display here, creating a track that’s perfect for blasting with the windows down. “Chance Of A Lifetime” This slow jam delivers a powerful punch with its beautiful progression and poignant lyrics. The track builds layers throughout, culminating in a choir-like arrangement that adds depth to the composition. It’s a standout moment on the album, showcasing the band’s ability to evoke strong emotions through their music. “Quicksilver Girl” maintains the album’s momentum with its fun and catchy vibe. The song’s straightforward lyrics work well alongside its bluesy sound, reminiscent of early Beatles-esque tunes. It’s a track that’s sure to leave listeners tapping their feet and singing along, thanks to its infectious energy and memorable melodies. Closing out the album, “Stranded” delivers a slow emotional ballad that leaves a lasting impression. The song’s powerful lyrics and beautiful chord progressions resonate deeply with listeners, building new layers throughout its duration. An a cappella section adds a poignant touch, leading to a powerful finish that’s both moving and cathartic. Overall, “Stranded” serves as a fitting conclusion to an album filled with emotional depth and musical diversity.

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